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Your Health Plan

We are in the middle of a Body By God Challenge right now, and honestly, it isn’t the MOST challenging test that we do, but what is great about it, is that it focuses a little on ALL aspects of health.  The reason why this is so important, is that everyone lacks health in some area.  Whether it be in your nervous system function (chiropractic), your diet, your exercise, your stress levels and peace, the overall cleanliness of your life, or perhaps your time… there is something lacking.

So by touching on every area, we really get to help direct people towards goals appropriate for where they are!  I love it.  So to take this step a little further, and in an attempt to engage all of you into the time and effort that we put forth outside of simply adjusting you.  We are going to ask for your feedback.

So here is where we are.  We are going to put out a poster board this week, and on that board we will have columns that are labeled with different health goals for the year.  Lose up to 20 lbs, lose over 20 lbs, get off of a specific medication, try to not use any antibiotics in the year, increase exercise, improve strength, sleep more soundly, etc, etc, etc.  We will ask you to make check marks in the areas that are of greatest importance to you, and as we tally these scores up, they will help direct us throughout the year.

So, there are some specific instructions I would like to give you now.  We plan on keeping some areas blank, so that we can write in areas of interest as time goes on, but the more you can help us up front, the better.

So, with that in mind, if you have specific areas that you are focusing on that would relate to your health, then let us know up front.  One somewhat unique area that we plan on delving into, is gardening.  With the looming fear of escalating food prices, and the general desire to grow food yourselves in order to keep it organic, this seems like a great time to focus on your growing skills and capacity.

In addition, I have had more people focusing on detoxification in the past year than every before, but detoxification is an all encompasing term, when in reality the focus might be on helping restore intestinal function, neurological function, kidney or liver function, or perhaps it is everything.  Let us know if you have come to some decision to specifically work on one area.

Goals are an interesting thing, they come and go, we get excited and we lose excitement.  One moment we can be working so hard towards something so important, and the next we’re sitting on the couch watching TV.  In my experience, we often fail to achieve, because we failed to have a good plan.  IF we can help give you the good plan, then we will focus on helping you get the goal!

Look forward to working with you more!!

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