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Why we adjust…

We see a lot of patients in our office, for a lot of different reasons.  Well, they come for a lot of different reasons I should say.  We actually see them for only one reason, and that would include you… one reason.  Though there might be thousands of possible complaint variations: I have headaches, I have neck pain, I have TMJ, irritable bowel, indigestion, low back pain, etc.  There is only one cause for treatment in our office, subluxation.

It is important to put this out, because even though you might visit us for any of the above reasons above, that is not why we adjust.  Subluxation – the misalignment of your vertebrae, in such a fashion that there is interference with nerve flow… better described as the flow of life.  So if the flow of life is interrupted, then wouldn’t it seem as though there were much worse consequences than back pain?  So when you walk in the room, and you say “my back still hurts”, or “I slipped and fell, and now my neck hurts”.  You are often trying to relay “I have a pain, can you fix it”… to which my response would be, “no, your pain is of little concern to me, however let me see if that pain is being caused by a distrubance in the very flow of life that keeps your hody working, and let me see if it appears to be something that I can help improve”.

We adjust you to save your life.  Does it need saving?  Perhaps not in the short term, but if you live for any length of time with an interference in the messages that your brain is sending to your heart per se.  It won’t be long until that heart displays effects of the lack of communication.  Weakening in the valve function leading to murmurs, disruption in the accelerator nerves, causing palpatations… and over time a general weakness in cellular replication leading to tissue disease, atrophy and death.

Though you might have pain between your shoulders, I am going to adjust you to save your life.  It would be easy for me to fall into the pain model, and to focus on what adjustment you might need to feel better.  But what if I forget about the area that has been shown to have dysfunction… how long can we avoid it and hope to be doing the right thing.  Subluxation doesn’t sleep.  Time and aging move forward, so without full healing traveling through your nervous system, it is only time before we realize the error of not aggressively pursuing wellness for your spine.

We have seen both in our office, and through chiropractic published research, that the longer someone has been under chiropractic care, the better off they are.  Both in how they feel, and how they function.  One such study tested serum thiol levels (a hormone that repairs DNA, which basically means an anti-aging hormone).  In this study they found that the highest levels of DNA repairing thiols existed in people who had been chiropractic patients regularly for seven plus years.  Makes me think I should get all of my patients to commit to seven years of care before they could possibly be released!

I want to push a bunch of testimonials your way over the next few weeks, as we work towards clearly defining for you, our true role in your health.  If you have a great chiropractic story, please let us know.  Likewise, if you are looking for a great story, let us know.  If you are being led by an MD towards medication or surgery… of any kind, please let us know.  We can help.  You know, I think back to the 40 plus women who were told they would not have baby’s, or that it would be really hard, who became pregnant after our care.  The interesting thing is that only about 15% if them came to see if we could help them get pregnant, yet it worked in those who weren’t even expeciting a benefit.

Over time, health improves from what we do, period.  It isn’t about you, it is about your ability to be what you were designed to be.  Your symptoms, and the focus on them, only gets in the way.  Let’s see you through to the healthiest you ever in 2011!!

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