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When and When NOT to Medicate can Be a Dangerous decision.

Many people who I have educated just think I would “Never” Medicate.  Yet I have shared, that my two DRUG FREE children have both been medicated, one time each basically.  Brooke about 2 years ago was given an antibiotic after about three weeks of a “walking infection” that would not disappear with our efforts of dietary, supplement and chiropractic efforts.  Laura had taken her to the minute clinic for a strep test which was positive enough for us to believe it was a concern.

Now, I say “Positive enough” because we are typically all positive for strep, I proved this while in school at Life University, when I swabbed every students cheek in my microbiology lab, and was able to prepare positive staph and strep slides for all 35 students.  The reason this happens, is because we carry both of these bacteria at all times, so in order to avoid unnecessary antibiotic use, over treatment, weakening of our immune systems, and developing MRSA infections from irresponsible use of antibiotics; it is important to get a test that is “positive enough”, not just “positive” for strep before treating.

The event that sparked me writing this was this story of a Calgary woman who lost her son to a strep infection, because she was treating him with holistic remedies, that he did not respond to….

CALGARY — A woman who treated her seven-year-old boy with holistic remedies before he died of a strep infection says every day is a painful reminder that an error in judgment led to her son’s death.

Tamara Lovett, 48, was found guilty in January of criminal negligence causing death by a judge who said Lovett “gambled away” the life of her son Ryan by treating him without seeking medical help in 2013.

The reality is that I believe she started down the right path.  We have seen hundreds of cases over the last 16 years, of children with a positive strep test, who have been able to overcome it with their own immune systems.  You do it every single day, that is why you have strep growing in your body at all times.  Strep A, as was his infection is most commonly found on the skin and around the throat, is what I tested all of those lab mates positive for back in 1999.

The problem is that we expect an immune system to arrive on time, and it isn’t always easy to tell when it doesn’t.  For Ryan, his immune system did not kick it in.  I always tell people, give it ten days to see how it is going, ten days and you should know.  But DO the right things in that ten days.

I am a complete and utter fan of the most simple solution to boost immunity, vitamin C.  There have been more studies in the last 40 years on vitamin c’s ability to kick start an immune system, than any other treatment.  It requires a therapeutic dose though, not 1,000mg a day for life.  As a matter of fact, if you are supplementing vitamin C every day, you might need even more before you see a change in your immune system.  I recommend 10,000mg a day while fighting something.

30,000 units of vitamin D per day.  200 billion probiotics minimum, and best if you hold them in the mouth and gargle before swallowing.

And lastly, have your atlas adjusted.  There have been studies that have demonstrated a 10% rise in white blood cell counts 15 minutes post atlas adjustment.  It is one of the reasons why I have adjusted so many cancer patients (to successful outcomes) 5-15 times a week for months.

BUT… don’t lose sight of the fact that you MUST be improving in order to wisely continue on this path.  Or at least staying the same if you are functional.

In this article, it comments that the boy was bedridden for ten days.  If you or your child are actually bedridden for 4-5 days without knowledge of what it is, you should go find out.  Influenza for example, can last about 4-5 days of being bedridden, but you will be more likely to pull out of it on your own, than somebody fighting strep who is bedridden for 4-5 days.  Knowledge is power, and a body not killing off a bacteria that it is supposed to be killing off all day, every day, suggests it needs help.

BTW – the reason why we don’t just throw antibiotics at anything, is very much rooted in these studies :

Antibiotics increasing colon cancer –

Antibiotic use predicts rates of cancer –

There are more, but the truth is that there have been studies that make good sense, that suggest that overuse of antibiotics will cause health risk.  So if you decided to preemptively strike out at every sniffle, and every cough out of fear (this article will surely create fear), then you will very likely create more significant long term problems.   CDC says that 1,100 to 1,600 people die each year due to strep infection.  Most would be on the edges of the age range (very old or very young), so to think that you should “feak out” in the middle of the pack of distribution, will only take you further into seriously ill.

So the overall take away from this article. 1. Pay attention, and know what you are fighting when you can. 2. Don’t freak out, but be diligent.  Decline in health after a week of fighting something is a bad sign.  Even if it has a good reason, it can be serious. 3. Treat when necessary.  How do you know?  Lots of research and questioning.  If you just take my advice alone, you are me.  You don’t want to be me, you want to be you.  If you take your MD’s advice and his and his alone, then you are him.   However, if you first apply your own philosophy of health (I use Biblical reasoning… “would this be His plan, is this how He made it to be, if I were Him would I…”), then after applying your philosophy, search for what is good and right through prayer and supplication….

I hope I stirred something in you.  Some concern over both sides of the question… to treat, or not to treat.

Be well and Be blessed!  – Dr. E

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