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Use the New Year

I write this Daily Sprout every year.  And with the New Year upon us, it is time to get you focused again!

Who could sit back, and without evidence of it, ever believe that the changeover of one day to the next, with nothing other than a date to distinguish it, would be enough to change some one’s life?  Man, not me!  Even with all the evidence in the world of what a new year can do for someone, it just seems ridiculous!  Now let me clarify, I am all about the “make a decision, so just do it now” kind of living.

I have laughed outloud (and been met with frowns for doing so) at the idea of deciding to never eat X again… after I eat it just this one last time!  I can see making a commitment to a strict diet for a month, or two, and having that last meal.  But what is the goal here?  Health for a month, or health for a life.  Lifetime decisions take lifetime efforts.  OK, so back on track, my point is, on January 1, as much as it doesn’t make sense, you have a fresh start.  Yep.  A clean slate.

It doesn’t make sense because everything that is happening right now, is going to affect 2011.  But still, there is something magical about crossing into a new year.  We keep track of our finances year to year, we look at the cumulative positives and negatives year to year; “2008 was a good year, we were healthier than ever that year” (makes you wonder if something bad came on December 30th, if it would have ruined the year).  So instead of fighting against it, which is what part of me wants to do, I am full bear for it! 

Everything that is behind you is just that, behind you!  Everything that is in front of you, is literally the new you.  Ready to go, ready to rock.  Nothing to stop you from being who you want, following the path that is designed for you, and literally changing the very fabric of who you are, or what you stand for, or how you live.  For most of you, those words are too big for what is in store for you, but if that is achievable, then don’t you think you can find a little more peace in your life.  Perhaps a little less stress?  Each of you is just as capable at doing something ridiculously amazing as the next one.

Dr. Ben Lerner came up with a little saying year’s ago, and I have been pursuing it ever since.  “To be more successful than you are busy”.  I had seven offices at one point, they were all mildly successful, and the overall success was worth the effort, in a worldly view.  But I was really busy.  When that idea stuck in my mind, I started changing everything, i stopped splitting my time between Roswell and Woodstock, and came here full time.  I let two of the offices go almost immediately.  I started looking for exit strategies on the other locations, and while I did this, I pursued my patients with intention and desire.  Desire for them to know health, and intention for them to realize that chiropractic is a lifestyle, and a path to a lifetime of wellness.

Our practice doubled in visits, and we saw about 300 patients a week.  Further changes were made to the other offices, and before you know it we saw 500 patients in a week.  Once we got down to two other offices, with minimal intervention on my part, we got to the 800 patient mark.  Which we have been sitting at or around, for over a year.  Now, I am busy, but it is because I chose to launch a gym too, and that gym decided to do events, large events.  But the success is evident, and I don’t mean financial.  I mean love and enjoyment!  It is an absolute victory to be surrounded by the people who are following the path to health.  In my office, and in my gym, there are nothing but people who have a desire to be healthy!

Awesome!  So this is it, this is your wake up call.  In just over a week, the new year will be here.  I am going to make some crazy plans for what I am going to achieve in 2011, and I am going to plan my 2012 pretty well too.  I have some big goals, and some of those involve major changes in the way I do life every single day.  I hope you will join me, and do the same for yourself!

God Bless, He is huge, and when He is behind you, you cannot lose.

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