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Take something away from this Christmas…

The Christmas tree symbolizes everlasting life (evergreen) and the heavens (pointing towards the sky)

We obviously have no concern for politically correct.  I am a Christian, and as such will express that through my words, my actions and my office.  It is not the holidays to me, it is Christmas.  But what is Christmas?  I won’t give too much away because we will have a trivia next week and the winner will take away a free massage (not the subject of the title of this daily sprout). 

So it is a holiday, developed by man, as a means of celebrating Christ’s birth.  It is an interesting thing to think about it, because God did not tell us to celebrate this event, nor did the birth happen on December 25th or anywhere near it as far as records tell us.  So why?  Well just like Halloween is a “Christian Celebration” turned Pagan (which is why I “celebrate” at Halloween, to tell God I see the reality of supernatural)… Christmas is a Pagan Holiday turned Christian.  In the end, the observance of these “holidays” needs to be considered for what it is.  Man.

God did not ask for these, nor dictate them, and he surely wants nobody to worship anyone/anything other than Him, so as I celebrate this season, I am very cautious to consider its impact on my God… an altogether jealous God.  “…you shall not worship or serve them, for I the Lord your God, am a jealous God” – Exodus  20:5  I believe this passage means that God is jealous of the things that I would put first before Him.

Now before I make my point (it is coming) let me also offer that He has provided you with seven annual celebrations that He does want you to follow, and my family has been getting better and better at celebrating these, though they are mostly a day or two, not a month of celebrating.  So let’s get to this point.

If the holiday is made up by man, and it is our belief that He is the reason for the season, though God never told you to do this, then to truly show honor to Him with your time and celebration, you had better live out His wishes with your celebration.  And this is the MEAT of this sprout (sorry if you expected “health” in the sprout, but there is health at the end of this path).

I love Christmas, because I love the feeling I get when I picture Christ coming into the world.  I love the imagery of the celebration of Angels at His birth.  I am moved to tears at random moments, even more so now that I am often teaching my kids what the words of a Christmas song really mean.  I do Christmas in July, because I like celebrating the birth of Christ.  I don’t care that Santa Clause has pagan roots, he is not my pagan, he is a symbol of the season.  All of this, every last bit of it is of value to me for one reason.  Because God commanded love.  Love of each other, and love of Himself.

You see, Christ said the greatest commandment was love.  And I find that Christmas is an altogether exceptional reminder of love.  Last night we had our patient Christmas dinner, and I was absolutely in love with everyone there!  The celebration that comes with this season, is an awesome, relationship building, deepening love, type of celebration… IF YOU LET IT.

This is my belief.  If you celebrate Christmas at all, then you had better increase your love.  If you don’t, then you are taking man’s made up holiday, doing man’s thing, and not giving honor and glory to God.  But if you are letting this opportunity draw you closer and closer to God’s love, and then turning that on someone else, well you are taking away the most valuable thing you possibly could from this season.

Now, mind you, you don’t need a holiday to do this!  God didn’t say “Love each other at random times that you choose, based on random celebrations that you choose.”  He said love.  Meaning all the time.

I ask that you would fill your heart up with love this Christmas season, and be magnetic to the world around you.  I truly love you.  Yes you, the one reading this, even if I have no clue who you are… right now in this moment I am doing nothing but loving you.  If you need anything, ask me now!  : – )

God Bless, have a safe weekend.

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