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Random Acts Of Kindness

Christmas is such a great time of year.  I know that for those who read regularly, you have seen me write about holidays, and Biblical holidays vs man made holidays.  And though the celebration of Christmas is not a Biblical holiday, it happens to be my favorite one.  For me personally, it tends to make me want to run out into the world and do good things.  The sad thing, is that I often feel too busy to do that.

So, I figure it is a good topic to write on.  Though the disposition of the heart is really, really important.  It honestly matters very little to the outcome of the world, if your positive heart disposition, never makes it out into the world to reach and touch the hearts of others, then it is really of no value.  I do not recall the scripture right now, but I believe Paul wrote something along the lines of “it doesn’t matter if you desire to do good, the act is the measure of your heart”.

Not that this is upsetting the world of Grace, but rather this is addressing a matter of the heart. So lets all address the matters of our own hearts, right now.  What can we do, now, that pushes us over the edge of wanting to do good, to really doing good, and being all that we can to the world around us.  There is really no better feeling than the moment that follows a random act of kindness.  And that feeling is directly related to the size of the act.  Opening a door for someone, or holding a door at the mall feels good, but not really good.  Rushing to pick something up off the ground, feels a bit better, but not amazing.  Buying the coffee for the person in line behind you at Starbucks is pretty good, you’ll get a good smile for that one.

How about offering to help someone with a project at their home?  Big heart warmth for that one for sure.  Let’s pull back and make it less time intensive… telling someone who you come in contact with on a regular basis, how much you appreciate them.  Pull it out of a deep place of appreciation, shock someone with your praise.  I think this might just be the best thing we could do for anyone, let them know they are really someone in your life.  It might be difficult to find the right moment, but I think it just might be worth it.

Back to the love of the season.   I love the music, it celebrates Christ, it reminds us to be joyful, it helps take away anything difficult with a love for life.   Christ, was the most loving person to walk the earth.  If you don’t believe he was Messiah, you surely cannot deny that there is not a single man who has eclipsed him in popularity.  From a small town, in the midst of a giant Roman Empire, a baby emerged, into a man, and changed the entire world.  Never would he have been pegged to be one to change the world by those around him who didn’t believe.  He was known for his incredible acts of kindness, random, and constant.  And 2000 years later, we know all about them.

My prayer for the season is that we let this time permeate our hearts, and bring about great joy!  Be well, Be blessed!  – Dr. E

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