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Mercola Reports – Cell Phone Cancer Risk is REAL!

First off, I have been using earbuds for years as a step towards reducing cell phone radiation to my head.  I have been setting my phone on the passenger seat when I drive to avoid radiation to my hand, leg or anywhere else I might think to set a phone while driving!  I reduce the amount of usage of my phone vs my laptop (wireless inside a home is minimal compared to the amount in a phone to cell tower burst), when I can.  Airplane mode is also one my favorite inventions.

So Mercola has a nice short video on this (8 mins), as well as a pretty lengthy article giving some great details.

From his website:

Here’s some news about cell phones and cancer which even the mainstream media has found impossible to ignore. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), an arm of the World Health Organization (WHO), has declared after a review of the research that cell phones are possible cancer-causing agents. The expert panel ruled that there was some evidence that cell phone use was linked to two types of tumors—brain tumors (gliomas) and acoustic neuromas.

Some scientists say the IARC classification is still not strong enough, and that cell phone radiation should have been classified as a “Probable Human Carcinogen” based on the existing science, but evidently there were not enough studies to classify it more strongly at this time.

Alasdair Philips of Powerwatch in the U.K. says,

“The existing science is very clear there is risk of cancer from cell phone use. The warning might have been 2A if there were a larger number of animal studies showing this, or if there were a larger number of up-to-date human studies. It’s important to recognize the Interphone study on which the classification to a large extent relied was completed in 2004, and current studies reflecting usage patterns today would be far more damning, possibly earning a Class 1 “Human Carcinogen.”

The article goes on to provide some great details, however I want to stop on this point.  Currently we use our cell phones for 10 times as many functions as we did 7 years ago, and for longer periods when we do use it.  I would suggest that holding a phone in your hands increases damage to the cells of your body, though more resilient cells exist in your hands than in your head, it is still a risk.

So the risk is really unknown when you consider the studies were done on old data, and today we use phones that emit higher levels of radiation, and our usage has increased significantly since these studies were done… my only definitive advice here is to do everything in your power to reduce the proximity of your cell phone to your body, and to minimize usage!

Cancer free is the way to be! Be Well, Dr. E

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