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I am a FAT consumer

I sometimes mention to my patients that I recommend a HIGH FAT diet, and they laugh.  What shocks me, is that anyone in my office would not at this point, realize that anything that I say that poses as contrary to culture, is likely my truth!  But I am not really shocked by their response, because even though in the health world (you would be amazed if you were tuned in to the major health sites (Dr. Mercola:, Mike Adams:, Mark Sisson: how many articles exist supporting a high fat diet.  It is by far, the most popular diet in the health conscious world, and will invariably be the diet that rules the next wave of consumer craze!

But right now, it is so far removed from the average American that it makes me want to cry.

Eating FAT does not make you FAT!

I am an example, but I am one of thousands.  Look at a committed CrossFitter, and you will say “not too fat”, and though you might want to jump to blaming their exercise routine for their lean body, I will point out that the ones who are truly lean, are strict with their high fat diet, more than being unique in their exercise habits.  In other words, there are thousands of people out there exercising and burning calories at equal or greater rate than the average CrossFitter, but the biggest difference is that in the CrossFit exercise movement, diet is part of the culture.  Not supplements, but diet.

Lean… I ate a whole jar of Almond Butter yesterday, and a whole lot more fat in addition to that.

So the point I want to get across to you, all of you, is that if you are at all enticed by “Low Fat” on a label, or 0% on your yogurt, or anything of that nature.  I really, really, really want you to stop.  You are hurting yourself, and you are hurting yourself significantly.  Fat is the most essential of the nutrients you consume, because EVERY cell in your body has two layers of fat around it, which is the cell membrane, which is THE BRAIN of the cell, it is the thing that directs all communication and function in your cell (if you still believe the nucleus is the brain, you better click the link).

More important than protein, is fat (though protein is necessary too, as are carbohydrate, but fat is first), as it is used to replenish brain cells, neuro-transmitters, and hormones.  It is the key to everything working in your body.  Fat is the new thin!  Well, at least consuming it is!

SO when it comes time to choose your fat, I hope you’ll choose wisely: nuts and seeds, fish, organic grass fed beef or dairy from the same, coconut and olive oil… not processed/rancid vegetable oils.  The source of your fat is just as important as the fact that you are consuming it.  So where do you get to know all of this, and have all of your questions answered?  Well in our workshops of course.  Anyone who is making the effort to attend the Body By God challenges, the Total Food Makeover or any other workshop, is getting this information first hand, and literally saving the health of their family.

We don’t show up on a Monday night at 7PM for us;  and we surely don’t do it for the $49 times 50 patients (look around you, do you think that adds up to anything significant in our budget?)  Our mission is to help you be as healthy as possible, we serve the mission, and we get ridiculous life changing testimonials because of it.  Now we just need you to BE THE MISSION, so that you can be the testimonial too!

Thanks for paying attention!

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