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No.  Not a national holiday.  Just another day in the world leading up to a National Holiday.  I love Thanksgiving, so much so that I want to hug someone.  So it might as well be you.  I wonder if those of you who read this, who never show up in my office, if you just might consider throwing down a few hugs on some random people today.

Speaking of that, have you ever seen this?  Cool!  Recently shared by a patient whom I love, who always wants to shake off her “bad apple” appearance and change the world with love.

You won’t find that kind of controversy in my office… just hugs.  So why?

You know I have been writing a lot on human relationship lately.  There has been a lot less scientific, and a lot more love and touchy feely stuff.  The reason is because I see the stress in this world.  I see it growing with every day that this economic pain wears on.  I kind of feel like it is going to continue to wear at us, and that we need to become accustomed to it, we need to not be surprised by change to our lives, but be willing to accomodate.

So we need some hugs!  My practice has been hit significantly in the last year or two.  I have had so many people significantly reduce their care because of financial reasons.  And I have accepted it to some extent, understanding that this economy is difficult.

But, the reality, is that there are more people out there who need what we offer now, more than ever.  AND it is my mission to change the world perceives health, so I need to go reach them.  I need to go find those people and bring them through my office.  Through a mixture of generosity, reduced care, and blessing, we’ll find ways to reach and then serve these people.

So, I want to give you a hug.  Because just as I need to move forward with acceptance that the economy is different, and could be to stay for awhile… you might need to understand that there are people who love you, and we are part of that large group of those who love you!

Research has been done over the years, that tracks the function of a person as it relates to their emotional state.  Studies that look at stress and disease… relationships and emotional health and physical manifestation.  In the end, you would be hard pressed to argue that emotional health does not have a SIGNIFICANT impact on overall health.  I would say that it actually is your physical health (because the brain controls everything, and the brain is subject to emotional stress).

So on this Monday before Thanksgiving, I ask you to give thanks for all the things in your life, without exception.  Just as I thank you for being a part of mine.  God bless!  – Dr. E

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