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How Many Probiotics are enough?

1 Quadrillion for an adult male, that is how many probiotics you should have in total, in your gut, according to the experts on the wellness side of life.  Speaking of these experts.  I used to have a subscription service to Jeffrey Bland PhD’s monthly CD called “Synthesis”.  This was obviously before podcasts.  Anyways, he is often known as the Father of Functional Medicine.  An expert leading experts in wellness based on nutrition… and ultimately a brilliant guy, leading MD’s who had seen the need to slip away from the dark side.   Oh well, back to the point.

This is 1 Quadrillion Pennies:

By comparison, if I drink two Amasai’s today, I will likely consume a bit more than this many pennies… 200 billion:

If you look closely at the first picture, you will see the little green strip to the right of the Lincoln Memorial, this little green strip is the football field.  It should help you see how significant of a difference it is between 100 or 200 billion, and 1 quadrillion.  So the question is, if you have taken 10 bouts of antibiotics over your lifetime, and have been remiss on consuming probiotics, then you have nowhere near enough, and to help you understand the effort to make it back up… if you consumed the bottom image of probiotics every day, it would take you 5,000 days to consume the 1 quadrillion.  Or in years, it would take 13 years to get there.

The problem, is not the time to get there, it is the time in between.  What to do?  One really needs to be consuming not only the probiotics necessary, but the foods that help these probiotics colonize.  By consuming a healthy diet rich in fiber, and vegetable fiber would be best.  Then we would be on track to cutting that time in half, or potentially even in a quarter, because the probiotics in the gut, colonize more probiotics, which colonize more.  So the better we can be at retaining the healthy gut bacteria, the better we can be at getting more.

Eat healthy, consume probiotics.

Be well and Be blessed! – Dr. E

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