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Good Friday

Well, it is time once again.  Good Friday is here.  The Day death died.

I write about my faith, our office faith, not because I want to get you committed to my faith so much (though I would take that as a positive), but rather because I believe there is a deeper appreciation for the commitment of health, that comes from the philosophical point of view of a created life.  One that has purpose, vs. one of a random situation.

Over the years, it has been clear to me that the deeper our appreciation for God, the deeper our appreciation for the human body that we occupy.  At times it seems odd that it would take belief in a creator, to have a greater concern over our human body… I mean, it is the one thing that takes us through this life.   Why would we not have a great appreciation for it, or a great concern to go with that appreciation?

The reality is that we  DO have a reason to care more if we have a belief in a creator, a belief in a savior.  Because we begin to understand a desire to be indebted.  Not a requirement, but a desire.  I know this as my commitment to demonstrating thanks.  Which brings me back to the reason why we celebrate Good Friday.  And why we take the day off from work, and spend it with our families.

The day death died.

If you know the story, then you know it all started with Christ coming in to Jerusalem almost a week earlier, on a donkey, with throngs of people celebrating His arrival, while still other throngs were dismayed.  And through a series of seemingly unfortunate events, Christ found himself on the cross on that Friday.  And with the last breath from his lungs, so died the separation of man from God.  If you trust the historians depiction of the last 18 hours of His life, you would also then trust that He suffered for us.  That those hours were an accumulation of slow dying to His earthly body, to lead to that final moment.  Three days later we get to celebrate Easter, and to celebrate a savior who came back to this world alive once again.

So with that, I find myself wanting to live a life that treats this body better.  I want to pursue health, and I want to do it as a commitment to the one who endured the pain that was rightfully my own.  I want my health to be a living testament to my trust and honor in and of Him.  I want to be on fire for the one who saved me, and I find that trusting my health to Him, is truly the philosophy of health that makes sense when I really think about it.

So I implore you to take some time to either first investigate your belief in something bigger than you, and to secondly investigate the idea that your health matters not only to you, but to Him.

Happy Easter!

Be well and Be blessed! – Dr. E

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