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You might wonder what a BIA is – if you have ever heard my 60 Day Turnaround workshop on the BIA, often referred to as “Detox II”, you know how valuable a tool I believe this to be.  Where I laugh at electro-dermal screening from my Naturopathic counterparts (sorry guys, you know I have a hard time believing in anything where the methodology cannot be explained by the developer/creator of the machine); the BIA is one that has more published research supporting it (think Journal Aids and Retrovirus, Journal of Oncology, Journal of Rheumatology, etc, etc ad nauseum).  Bio Impedance Analysis is only as good as:

  1. The Machine being used…. and more importantly,

  2. The Software Behind It

After nearly 17 years of utilizing BIA for analysis, I can tell you we have expected, and found subsequent diagnosis of cancer (nearly half a dozen times), late stage renal failure (2 times), and systemic autoimmune disease (2 x) in relatively asymptomatic patients, from test findings alone.    Subsequent means… expected from BIA, and then discovered through further tests.

What does all of this mean?  That regardless of how you feel, there is value in the BIA.

Normally, I charge $30 (I misspoke in the video, as I used to only charge $15)… but seriously, think about it.  We charge $30 for a test that has done what I just claimed… would this test not be worth $500?  Yes, but the value is in the extrapolation of results, to real life significance.  It is through this that we have, over time, figured out how to take information from the test, and relate it back to true concerns, or simply rungs along the ladder. So, during this Thursday and Friday, our SPORTS Day… it is free for anybody and everybody to get the BIA done, and to get the short consult to explain the results.

Let me re-state that last one for you.  Without further discussion, the BIA is nothing more than a directional tool.  Helping me to ascertain what direction you are heading, and you to ascertain, whether that direction has been changing, or not.  Then from there, additional diagnostics will give us true understanding as to how serious or not serious, the findings are.

Let me tell you about just one component of the BIA, and from there, hopefully you will make time to come get checked out on Thursday or Friday.

Fluid Distribution – when I first learned about this measure, I was not sure how it would have significant impact on anybody.   Then I went to a seminar, and heard a doc, an MD actually, speak about the reason for water to move from inside of a cell, as acting hydration… to the extra-cellular space where it serves as inflammation and edema.  Swelling per se.

This is why you need to know, because you need to know if drinking water hydrates you, or simply swells you worse.  This is the key to ONE, only one measure of the BIA.  I hope you will come set up your free one this Thursday or Friday!

Be well and Be blessed! – Dr. E

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