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Do You Have a DREAM?

Health starts with peace.  Peace starts with purpose.  Serving purpose provides clarity through all stressful things.  Let’s break it down.

Martin Luther King Jr was a man with purpose.  I have thought of him several times throughout the week.  A man who was not able to finish his work.  No matter how you look at it, our black brethren could use another Dr. King.  Somebody to take hold of our Country, and continue the baton… carry it further.  He did an amazing job, and in his stead, there are many who have picked up the baton and carried it, but not as high, nor as far as he did.  He was a man inspired.

Did he live a life of peace?  I think so.  Though he was under an incredible amount of pressure and stress, this is a man who was inspiring because he was peaceful… calm, collected.  A man who had purpose, and because of that purpose he had potential.

I would love to think that every person whom I have ever educated on health, is healthier, because they have found a life with less stress.  However, I do not think it is necessarily true.  I have a video on our facebook page that I did for a friend of mine in Milton, GA.  Even though, I am known by most who know me, as a Woodstock guy… there are a decent number of people who know me as a Milton guy.  I have property in Milton, I have a business in  Milton, and I continue to develop more relationships there as well.  So Reid wanted to talk to me about some traits he has witnessed in me.  The result of the interview is here –

The thing that I appreciated sharing, was my morning ritual of thanks.  I oddly found myself this morning, being thankful for arguments and disagreements.    My reasoning was not because of the “make up” that comes afterwards, though I know what some of you are thinking.  My reasoning, was because I feel like it keeps us connected.  When we begin to slide in a different direction from those around us who we are close to, the disagreement, or argument… debate even; allows us to test our beliefs against someone elses, and then to re-connect on common ground.  Otherwise we might find ourselves slipping even further apart in our beliefs.

You see, in all things, ALL things, if we hunt for the value, the long term life lesson in it, then we become better because of it.  Why be stressed over the things that will ultimately improve us long term.  You see, the battles that we fight in our lives… well, they are going to make us better.  That is the reality, our battles improve us.   They shape us, and even though we hate being in the middle of tough situations, they will benefit us more than we can realize in the moment.

So, the question, Do You Have a Dream?  The purpose of the question is for you to look at the pain you are going through right now, no matter where this pain comes from.  And then to stop, and identify how this pain, is very likely helping you achieve your dream.  Whatever that current dream is, there is value in purpose, and in that purpose comes peace.  Be at peace as you begin your march towards a successful and prosperous 2018.

AND… please take a moment and be thankful for Dr. King.  He deserves your remembrance.

Be well and be blessed!  – Dr. E

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