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Do The AT!

Yes!  The Appalachian Trail.

This is a quick synopsis of the adventure I have planned for November 8-11th.  I am inviting those of you who are ready to do this, to join me and my crew.  We are going to head up to the AT on the 8th, and stay near the NC border.  On the AM of the 9th, we will being our attack on the GA portion of the trail.  Hiking the entire GA portion in three days.  This will be approximately 80 miles of hiking.

The plan for the group is to have some support crew, so if you want to join us, look for a crew member to either drive a car, or to be on call.  You never know when someone will need to drop out.  So the plan is, hike a marathon, camp and recover.  It might be that we have one base camp, and the support crew shuttles us back and forth to the camp from our finishing spot for the day, and then back in the AM to get cracking.  Regardless, we will be on the trail for the better part of three whole days.

Springer Mountain Approach – Our Finish

I originally had planned to run it all straight, and see if I could complete it in 36 hours (it is not paved like the photo above!)  But as the plan has been altered, I decided that I will carry everything I need, so even if we use a base camp, I will only eat what I carry, sleep with what I carry, and kill with what I carry (Bears, you never know).  This will add another dimension, and with the added mass, I purchased a new pack, capable of carrying the full load.  Pretty excited about that.

So what does it take for you to join us?  The ability to cover the distance, and some basic gear, and a desire to have fun with it no matter what.  Let me know, I hope you join!

Be well, – Dr. E

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