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CNN tells of 9th baby dying in California

CNN recently reported that the 9th baby has died in California this year from Whooping Cough ( article).   What I found to be of more interest were the barrage of comments after the article, than the article itself.  The majority of people who posted were pro-vaccine, and they simply threw out comments like “that’s what you get for not vaccinating”, and “good job Jenny McCarthy and your autism fear mongering”.

Basically, the responses were pointing fingers at the group of people who are choosing not to vaccinate.  I can understand… it makes sense.  The article discussed the fact that there have been 4017 cases of whooping cough this year, which is more than any year since 1955.  It sure seems obvious that this is because of a lack of vaccination, and I agree that it probably is partially to blame, and I want to go in depth to help understand why that does or does not matter.

First off, for any individual, it is a 100% if it is your child who dies from a disease, or your child who dies from a vaccine reaction, or who develops autism.  Sometimes we get mired in the stats, and forget that if it is your child, grandchild, niece, neighbor… then the stats don’t matter anymore.  That being said, what stat is more favorable?

It is easy to say that it is more valuable to never get whooping cough in light of the article we are reading.  But how many infants got whooping cough and got over it just fine?  How many of those 9 infants that died were already vaccinated (you are scheduled to receive the Pertussis vaccine at two months)?  We rarely will see a report on whether the child is vaccinated or not.  So what do you think that means?  Yep, you guessed it, vaccinated!  If the child was unvaccinated, the article would say it, actually the article HEADLINE would say it.  So a vaccinated child, shortly after the vaccine, and immunity did not show up.

When I chose to not vaccinate my children, I thought about everything.  I considered what it meant to them to be and to not be vaccinated.  I considered what I thought God’s plan was when creating them, I considered what fears or concerns my wife and I would have with raising them.  In the end, I decided that the research pointed towards not vaccinating.  And primarily it was because the vaccine did not provide enough proof of immunity.

So here is the problem.  An immune system is something that can be strengthened or weakened based on choices. 


Yes that statement is very true, though reading what I have written in the past would make you think I am 100% against vaccine.  The reason I am not anti vaccine for everyone, is that there needs to be a choice for health along with that decision to not vaccinate.  I don’t believe vaccines are anywhere in God’s plan, btu I also don’t believe any food from McDonald’s is anywhere in God’s plan either.  If you choose not to vaccinate, but then you choose to pollute the body in other ways… then why didn’t you just vaccinate too?!?!  It makes no sense.

So the variable that you will never be able to get from an article about a child dying from Pertussis, is what was the health of that child like?  And even more important than the obvious, “he didn’t get sick often, had no known diseases”, is to understnad “he was put to bed at the exact same times four times a day, and was fed breast milk from his mother who was eating all natural organic foods, and he was nurtured and comforted throughout the day”, building his immune system in EVERY way.  We don’t get to know these details, and these are the details that matter.

Public Health policy is based on the least common denominator; so if there is some hope that vaccines will help, then give them, because people are weak, they make poor decisions, and they have no health on their own.  This is the mantality that rules public health policy.  The biggest problem with this, is that a policy like this is going to attempt to artificially induce health and strength.  Resulting in more secondary diseases, such as asthma, arthritis, and allergies; which are currently destroying our nations health.  I don’t have the room to go into details about why vaccines cause these types of conditions, but the rise of these and the relationship to vaccines has been well established by many different articles.

Coming back to the decision to or not to vaccinate, and the impact that it might have on your child or a child around you.  In the end, it is the wrong argument.  The most important argument is how do you treat health decisions every single day?  Charts of disease prevalence in the United States show that every infectious disease that we had faced in this country prior to the national vaccine plan was on the decline, a steay and rapid decline, before the vaccine program was ever introduced.

Health choice, not artificial immunity is the answer.  The current rise in Pertussis/Whooping Cough cases, is more related to poor health choice than lack of vaccine.  And it will continue to head that direction in a country who primarily get’s its dietary decisions from a Saturday morning commercial.

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