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Chiropractic and Quality of Life

February 23, 2011 Reprint 07-16-2012

There have been some great studies over the years on Chiropractic and Quality of Life. I stumbled across this reference, and thought about the simple approach to health that we take in the chiropractic health model, and how that simple approach is still the absolute most effective. “A study published in The Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research in August 2004 shows that a healthy spinal column can improve posture, reduce stress and increases range of motion when performing various exercises. People who undergo regular chiropractic treatment sessions may also take better care of themselves by exercising regularly, getting enough sleep and making healthy nutritional choices that also improve the quality of life (Source: Here’s a close look at some of the key benefits of regular chiropractic treatment: 1. Natural way to reduce stress. Chiropractic treatments can help to improve nervous system functioning which in turn helps minimize the effects of stress. When someone is suffering from poor nerve function, stress buildup can be significant enough to trigger migraines, headaches, joint pain and extreme anxiety. Sustained stress on the nervous system leads to hormonal dysregulation, immuno-compromise and secondary diseases such as cancer.

2. Improves posture. A better posture encourages better breathing patterns which helps keep the energy flowing throughout the body. Better posture also minimizes the risk of upper and lower back pain, joint problems and fatigue. In addition, there are numerous studies linking postural degeneration to heart disease, and degenerative conditions of the spinal cord. Together, these effects will improve quality of life.

3. Increased joint flexibility and mobility. Regular chiropractic treatments can improve range of motion and thereby encourage physical activity. This reduces the chances that someone will maintain a sedentary lifestyle, and regular exercise or physical activity can improve quality of life overall.

4. Promotes natural healing. One of the most significant outcomes of chiropractic treatment is that the body can begin to restore itself naturally. An impaired nervous system often leads to injury and damage to the tissues and joints. Any type of spinal misalignment can contribute to the deterioration of the body, so chiropractic adjustments reduce this risk and promote the natural healing process. This means that a patient may not need to resort to prescription drugs and medication just to feel better, thereby improving their quality of life.

5. Reduces blood pressure. Improved nervous system functioning can improve blood and energy flow throughout the body, which in turn can reduce blood pressure. High blood pressure can contribute to a number of health problems and diseases, and may be difficult to control as the patient ages. Regular chiropractic treatments can reduce blood pressure naturally, which means the patient may not need to resort to medication in order to improve their health. Simple and to the point, this is why chiropractic works” So as I said in the beginning, the simple approach is what makes sense. And we will continue to teach chiropractic for its life giving qualities, the improvement on healing and immune system capacity. If you have a child, spouse or parent living nearby who has not been checked, you owe it to yourself and them, to get them through the doors to have their spine checked. It is that important and silent subluxations do not sleep. Hope you enjoyed the reminder of why you come here!

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