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The recent article from the Harvard Medical Review on food and mood does a great job of pointing the finger of failure at mood, the failure being a moment of weakness in your diet, that leads you back down that path of sugar, but what about the mood that lies at the end of that path?  This opening paragraph helps to bring the question.

If you’ve ever found yourself in front of the TV after a bad day, mindlessly digging ice cream out of the container with a spoon, you know that mood and food are sometimes linked. But while stress eating is a verified phenomenon, the relationship between food and actual mood disorders, such as depression, is less clear. Or, to put it another way: can the things you eat influence your risk for depression — and can dietary changes potentially improve your mental health?

So the question as you can see, is whether there is an issue with the long term outcome of your mental health, based upon foods going in first.  Let’s re-state the question.

“Does your diet increase your risk of mood disorders?”

Image courtesy of Harvard Health Publishing

I would answer, ABSOLUTELY YES.  And I would start anecdotally, just considering what happens in the mind of a 30+ year old after they binge out on a pecan pie (I like using pecan pie because it is historically and generationally made with more corn syrup than just about any dessert I can think of).  And in my experience, the person sitting on the couch, fifteen minutes after they had their double dose of pecan pie, is fatigued, and they are sluggish in thought.  If they have any weight loss concerns, they are also mildly depressed, and beyond that they are feeling guilty.

What percentage of people are experiencing those symptoms?  Maybe 20-30%?  Perhaps it is 50%…. but I would argue from a perspective of experience, it is at least statistically relevant.   As we read further into the article, it touches on the very early correlation found in a few scientific studies:

A 2014 study in Brain, Behavior, and Immunity that used data from the Nurses’ Health study did find an association between depression and a diet rich in sugar-sweetened soft drinks, refined grains, and red meat, says Chocano-Bedoya.

Similarly, a 2018 meta-analysis published in the European Journal of Nutrition suggested that high consumption of meat could be associated with risk of developing depression. However, at this point, there are so many different factors associated with depression it’s not possible to tease out exactly how much a specific food or dietary pattern affects risk, she says.

Even though this is early in the discussion and early in the literature, I believe it gives us one more reason to take it all serious.  I love talking chiropractic care for health… reducing stress on the nervous system, and creating an opportuinty for incredible wellness.  But like anything where you perceive the assistance is being done to you, vs you fighting to do it for yourself… it is easy.

I focus our energy on writing about these areas that require commitment, because ultimately, this is where the world falls short.  How strong are you in your ability to fight your addictions, regardless of what they are.

Looking forward to continuing to help you trust that eating a high sugar diet, is the key to poor health, and that our leadership will help set you free from MANY health conditions.

Be well and be blessed!  – Dr. E

If you have been around long enough to know that I teach the 60 Day Turnaround (and developed it), and I also have touted the Kerrygold brand for years… so much so that you can see me here in this video eating a SLAB of Kerrygold as I discuss the importance of eating fat, and shaking off the lies of culture that fat is bad for you.  Fat does NOT make you fat!

So now we are witnessing the second time that Kerrygold has come under fire for their process of raising cows, and it appears as though the current fire might be real.  Now a lawsuit has been filed against Kerrygold stating that they have misled consumers by advertising cheese made from the milk of pasture-raised cows.

To read the entire article on – visit this Kerrygold Article link.  The gist is this, Kerrygold on their website states that their cows eat 85% grass.  However, I find it hard to find this information on their website… I did find this page where bullet point number 2 suggests that their cows “Graze outdoors on fresh grass for most of the year”.  However, the consumers who are suing, say that it is misleading that the cheese says “Milk from Grass-Fed Cows”.

However if you have watched my videos, come to my classes, or read my Daily Sprouts on the topic, you would see that what the lawsuit is trying to hold Kerrygold accountable for, is not a requirement for production under the grass-fed label.  What I mean is, if these consumers are trying to say that it is wrong to use the grass-fed label, when not 100% grass-fed, I would say, yes… yes I agree.  However, there is no law that says that it must.   This excerpt from the Mercola article sets it up…

Unfortunately, Kerrygold isn’t the only brand getting away with a grass-fed label when their products aren’t truly from grass-fed cows. In 2016, the Agricultural Marketing Service, a branch of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, announced that it was dropping its official definition of grass-fed, claiming they did not have the authority to determine whether or not specific grass-fed claims made by different companies are actually truthful.

You see, because the term is NOT a regulated term, there is no requirement for any producer to feed their cows grass, even if they say grass-fed.  Now, that does not limit a farmer from blatantly lying, but they could defend that one blade of grass is enough to call a cow a grass-fed cow.  And it is for this reason that I buy all my grass-fed beef from one farm, and I don’t ever trust that grass-fed means wholly grass-fed, even if the label says 100%… I really seriously doubt it.

If you want to do better than Kerrygold for a clean product, I would recommend Organic Valley Butter from Grass Fed Cows.

Be well and Be blessed – Dr. E

Lets start this week off right… the weather is changing, and we all want to get outside and get active (right, all of us want this… don’t you?)… and the best plan of action, as always is to push yourself to be committed.  We often lose sight of those commitments through the winter, the dreary weather, and the dark mornings and evenings.  They shrink our days, and they give us a host of excuses to free ourselves from the guilt of sedentary living.  So here I am, back once again to make that guilt real.

It is time people, get serious, and stop quitting good habits!  If we added up all the times that the average American quit exercise, we would find that we would all be competing for the fittest person on Earth by now… stay committed.  My favorite line, my commitments are greater than my feelings in this moment… BELONGS RIGHT HERE.

My Commitments Are Greater than My Feelings in This Moment!

Are you committed to a life of health?  At least to a better life than the one you had as it relates to health and longevity, and vitality?  If so, then get up out of your chair and enhance your living!

So here you go, two quick options to get a nice heart rate escalation and perhaps a little burn.

Workout 1 –

Measure out 100 long steps up a hill around your house.  Mark those steps from start to finish.

10X – you will run, or walk, or crawl as fast as possible (for you) from start to finish.  Take about 2 minutes to return to the start position, and do it again for a total of 10 times.  (This is a sprint for those who can, steeper the better)

Workout 2 –

TABATA – if you have read my workouts before, you have heard me tout tabata as the best basic workout you could ever do, so here we will give you the best of the best.

Squats and Push-ups (your push-up can be on the ground in a plank, it can be on your knees, against a wall… whatever you can do).

Your effort is simple – 4 minutes of squats, 20 seconds do as many as possible, 10 seconds you will rest, for a total of 8 rounds, or 4 minutes.  You can search the app store to find free “TABATA timers”.  As soon as you are done, you will immediately begin the 4 minutes of push-ups.  This is brutal, squat as deep as you can to the depth below, IF it is comfortable.  Stop where comfort (joint comfort, knees and ankles) begins to fade to pain in joints.

Have fun, and relish in your effort towards fitness!

Be well and Be blessed! – Dr. E

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