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Why Cleanse (while expressing health)

The time is here, my 60 Day Turnaround is going strong with great changes happening all around.   Great stuff.  So now comes the time to get really serious, as if 60 Days with no grains, no legumes, no root vegetables, no sugar of any kind and only a handful of berries a day isn’t serious enough.  But the cleanse is serious in another way.

From the article title, you can tell, it is a little more for me this time.  Expressing health.  That, in HealthSprout terminology, means I am “sick” to the people who use cultural terms.  I however, think the expression of symptoms to fight an illness, is actually an expression of wellness.  Demonstrating that I respond intelligently when a virus is present that needs to be destroyed.  So right now, with a sore throat and some head pressure, a detox might be exactly what I need.

Back to the point though, the reason why this cleanse is so serious is not just because it is hard, but rather because at this point it is telling.  I recommend that everybody do a cleanse, a TRUE cleanse a couple times a year.  Not a buzz word cleanse, or a cleanse that is pill based, but one that is dietary and restrictive in nature.  The Suero Viv cleanse is 3 days of no food, only the cultures from whey.  A ton of probiotics and a lot of sodium and potassium to both health the gut, and help drive nutrients in and pull wastes out.  Perfect balance, and 3 days is a perfect amount of time for anybody.

The first question I get asked before we get into understanding why it is “telling” is, why should I?  And for that valuable question, I have this set of answers.

  1. Because your gut needs a rest.  When is the last time you actually let your gut heal?  Gave it some time off?  It is with strong Biblical direction, that I would encourage you to truly give it a rest.  NO FOOD.

  2. Because your cells need an opportunity to be “wrung out”.  Sodium brings nutrient in… as the nutrient levels drop from the rest, you are bringing less in, so the potassium can do its job by driving waste out.  This lets a cell become “emptied” over the three days.  A good opportunity for healing.

  3. Because a fluid flush is the best way to get rid of inflammation.  Systemic inflammation is the cause of so many bad health problems, from cancer to cardiovascular disease.  This is the best way to hit reset.

  4. Lastly, because it is good to overcome a difficult task.   Good to do something so hard that you celebrate the victory.  This is one of those things.

So why is it telling?

For anybody who is a month into a highly restrictive diet, you would expect to see a very minimal amount of weight change, as the cleanse is really good at reducing inflammation, but so is a highly restrictive diet.  The diet should have dumped about all of the inflammation in the body by now, all that can be easily reduced.  Thus three days should only have a minimal impact on overall body weight.  IF from three days of cleansing, you lose too much weight… after three-four weeks of restrictive diet, then the diet is NOT restrictive enough.  Foods are still causing inflammation, and there is more detective work to be done.  Something needs to come out of the diet, at least for a short term.

This is why the cleanse is telling, and why a restrictive diet can help make it easier to find the right foods for long term health.

And with that, I ask you to follow the link above, buy a silver suero cleanse, follow the directions included in the cleanse, and be ready for a boost in healing function!

Be well and be blessed! – Dr. E

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