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The Food and Entertainment Scene at Woodstock, GA

When you come to visit Woodstock, GA, the food and entertainment scene will not let you down! Visitors are invited to take a look at all that this city has to offer when it comes to the best things in life.

Enjoy some of our local dishes and drinks. Once you have done so, head out into town for an exciting night on the town.

Woodstock, GA is rich in history and culture. Visitors will be able to see all that this community has to offer when it comes to great food options such as hamburgers, hot dogs, and ice cream.

Woodstock is also home to several restaurants including Italian cuisine at Essie's Pizza Parlor and Mexican fares such as queso dip and taquitos at Blue Agave.

For those adventurous foodies who would like to enjoy some shish kabobs, you can visit Amrit Indian Restaurant & Bar.

If you are looking for a more formal dining experience, make sure to check out the popular Barnsley Resort and Grill where guests can enjoy exquisite dishes such as summer pea soup or pork Osso Bucco with your choice of either a glass of wine or one of our featured cocktails.

For family restaurants, Woodstock, GA is home to popular dining options such as Boston Market.

Entertainment and Nightlife

After dinner, visitors are invited to head out into the town of Woodstock where you can enjoy some exciting nightlife options. In particular, many guests visiting Woodstock, GA will be keen on bowling at Center Stage Lanes and enjoying the sounds from the stage as concerts take place Thursday through Sunday nights.

For those who have always wanted to know how it feels to jump out of a plane, you can take a tandem sky diving tour at Skydive the Ranch. The Woodstock area also hosts many haunted tours that will be perfect for visitors who would like to join in on exploring all that this city has to offer when it comes to ghostly folklore.

If you're into movies, you can visit the Barwood Cinema where you will be able to enjoy relaxing in your seat with a glass of wine, ice cream, or popcorn.

Woodstock is also home to a number of entertainment venues that will not disappoint. Relax and take in some live music at one of the local bars such as Taps Tavern or Shooters.

Music lovers, on the other hand, will want to visit popular nightclubs such as The Mercury Lounge and The Jinx where you can listen to music from local bands that play there regularly.

When it comes to having fun in Woodstock, GA, there are no shortages of options available for both visitors and residents alike!

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