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That buzz word… DETOX!

It seems like a word that might not carry any value or weight.  Tossed around like it is something that everybody should do if they want to fit into a smaller dress, or gain puffy lips.  A casual weekday effort of Hollywood stars, and one that makes you more able to carry on unhealthy habits through the weekend.

However, though the average detox that you might see advertised on the internet isn’t accomplishing much, the reality of detox, is that there is great value.  To set the tone, I actually believe that one of the greatest causes of cancer in our society today, is the LACK of detox effort.  Even those people who are following the guidelines of health leaders like myself, or my ex intern Dr. Jockers, or our colleagues Dr. Josh Axe, or Jordan Rubin; if you aren’t actually cleaning out your system, giving your gut a rest, and taking time off from the damage, you are likely not doing enough.

Health is a constant battle, though I agree we need to live in this world, and act a little bit like those you want to spend time with, otherwise they won’t want to spend time with you.  It is why I don’t appear to be a health nut when you watch me casually.  I do a good job of fitting in.  For example, this Friday I took my daughter to PURE for a Mexican meal.  I ate no chips, but I spooned down almost an entire guacamole order.  Then, my dinner order was a baby gem salad with an oil and vinegar dressing, and a side of steak.  Steak… because I know that chicken is more “dirty” than the steak (thanks to arsenic levels in chicken).  My point is that I can make a few quick decisions and be better off because of it.  And long term, wise decision making like that could keep somebody free of cancer vs. developing it.

Over the years I have been known for always coming back to try to put my health decisions through the “lens of God”… “does this fit a world view based on the God of the Bible setting out a path that aligns with what we know?”  This is the key to using the lens of God.    So when it comes to detox… “does the idea of CLEANING out the system, or better yet, RESTING a system so that it can heal and function better line up with the God whom I think I understand?”

As a Biblical follower, the answer lies in Christ, and the answer is easy because of the idea of fasting being so well developed.  Therefore, it would seem to be a wise conclusion that fasting is wise, and ultimately, healing ones gut and cleaning out, would also be wise.

So when we discuss detox, those are perhaps the two best ways to look at it.  This is not a “how much can I push through my colon in a day” but rather this is a “how much time can I spend resting my colon, so that it can heal” mentality.   Detox is more about reducing what comes in, so the body can do a good job of getting it out.  Sure, it can make sense to add some compounds/molecules to the equation that can assist with getting it out, but it is primarily about the healing.

I am teaching the 60 Day Turnaround Detox 1 tonight.  If you are signed up for the $10/month for a year deal, you can get this workshop live on facebook, or any time afterwards.   I would say that this one alone is worth signing up.

But regardless, it would make sense for you to try to start the process of elimination, and try to start finding the WHY behind the decisions…. it always makes those decisions easier to stick with.

Be well and Be blessed!   –  Dr. E

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