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Neck and Shoulder Pain? Get Relief with Chiropractic

A lot of people suffer from this pain. It's a common problem and there is a lot of misinformation out there about what can and can't be done to help relieve the pain. Chiropractic care is a natural healing art that works to improve the health of the whole body. Chiropractors are able to treat a lot of health concerns through pain relief. This blog will show some of the reasons that HealthSprout Chiropractic & Wellness are the best options for treating your neck and shoulder pain.

What are the main causes of pain?

There are a lot of reasons that this pain can happen. Neck pain is often caused by an injury to the muscles or bones in the area, but they're also may be issued with your spine causing poor spinal alignment. Shoulder problems occur for many different reasons including overuse injuries like rotator cuff tears, dislocation of the glenohumeral joint, and impingement syndrome. It can also be caused by neurological problems like a herniated disc in your neck or pinched nerve that is causing issues with the nerves around this area of the body.

Different types of pain

There are many different types of pain that you could be dealing with. This pain can vary in severity, duration, and location depending on what is causing the problem.

  • Neck pain may occur near the base of your skull or it might radiate further down along your side or upper back.

  • The area around your shoulders can also cause its own set of issues including tingling or numbness in your arms, chest pain that can be felt under the shoulder blades, and even weakness extending down the arm.

  • Neck and shoulder problems may also cause headaches to occur since there are so many nerves surrounding this area that control both sensory input as well as muscle function.

Risk Factors?

There are a few risk factors that can make people more likely to suffer some of the common ones include:

- Neck Injury

- Neck Pain in the Past

- Neck Tension or Stress

- Neck Whiplash Injuries

If you have any history of these types of issues then you are likely at a higher risk for developing neck and shoulder pain in the future. Neck injury is one of the most common reasons that people develop issues with their shoulders, so it's important to be aware of your own history if you have had an issue before.

What treatments are available?

There are a lot of treatment options available. Neck injuries may be able to heal with time, but more serious problems like herniated discs or bone spurs can require surgery in order to properly treat the issue.

  • Neck osteoarthritis is another major concern that will need an MRI followed by possible surgery or other treatments to help with the issue.

  • Neck or shoulder pain can also be treated through chiropractic care that uses natural methods to relieve some of the problems you may be experiencing.

How does chiropractic care work?

Chiropractors are able to treat a lot of issues by using spinal adjustments to help relieve some of the pain you are experiencing. Neck and shoulder problems can often be related to poor spinal alignment which causes pressure on your nerves, muscles, or even bones around this area.

Our Chiropractors use their hands as well as a special table that allows them to quickly realign your spine so that all parts of it are in proper alignment. This can be caused by a lot of different issues, but chiropractic is an excellent way to get relief from the discomfort you are experiencing.

Why should I choose a chiropractor as a treatment?

There are many reasons that going with a chiropractor for your neck or shoulder problem will help you in getting the care you need. Neck and shoulder problems can be extremely painful, but they're also often very complicated to properly diagnose since there are so many different health concerns that could lead to the pain you're experiencing.

Dr. Eric Richards is a chiropractor who is fully trained in both the musculoskeletal system as well as neurological issues which means they will be able to accurately diagnose your problem and help you get relief from the pain.

Neck and shoulder problems can also be treated with a combination of chiropractic care as well as other treatments like massage, acupuncture, or physical therapy depending on what is needed to help relieve some of the discomforts you're experiencing.

Who should I see for neck and shoulder problems?

There are many different chiropractors that can help with the pain. You should always make sure you are choosing someone who is fully licensed to provide the care you need since this will be important in getting relief from your symptoms.

We have been practicing for years and know what you're going through and how to help provide relief from the pain and discomfort that may be affecting your life right now.

Neck pain can affect people of all different backgrounds, but if this issue sounds familiar then it's important to get the help you need in a timely manner.

Neck problems may also require a little more training than most other kinds of issues, so finding someone who has done their post-graduate training in this area will make it easier to get the treatment you need and deserve.

Who can I trust for my neck and shoulder problems?

There are many different chiropractors that work with this kind of pain every day, so there is no reason not to choose one of them. Neck or even upper back issues may take a bit of time to properly diagnose and treat, so going with a chiropractor who is experienced in both the issue as well as treatment options will be important.

Neck problems can also be very complicated which means you'll want someone that has more training than most other doctors have had.

How long does it take for my neck or shoulder issues to heal? Neck or shoulder problems can take a while to heal depending on how severe they are. If you suffer from any kind of neck or even upper back issues, it's important for you to go with someone who is experienced in both the issue as well as treatment options.

What things could chiropractic care help?

Chiropractors are able to treat many different health issues through pain relief. Neck and shoulder problems can be treated with chiropractic care in a number of ways that may help the issue to resolve itself over time. This type of natural treatment is often able to treat:

- Neck Pain

- Shoulder Pain

- Numbness or Weakness in the Arms and Hands

- Neck and Shoulder Tension

- Neck and Shoulder Stiffness

Chiropractic care is a great way to treat these types of concerns without having to resort to using medications or surgery. It can be debilitating for those who suffer from it, so taking the time out every week for chiropractic care is a great idea if you are suffering from it.


The pain can be very intense and makes it difficult to perform your daily tasks. To help get better relief from such pain, you can visit your doctor and ask them for a referral to a chiropractor.

Chiropractic is a proven and highly effective treatment option for those with neck and shoulder problems. We know that many people want to avoid surgery and the risks that come with it. With the help of a chiropractor, you can feel better and get back to living life again!

Call 770-517-2240 / Text 770 637-4266 for more information. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We would love to hear from you!

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