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Fall brings the chance to find peace, but don’t let tradition kill your health!

Peace.  In health, I believe there is one most important area, that provides greater dividends than all others.  Yet, is often overlooked do to the very slow response and change that it brings.  Peace.  Stress free living, joy… these things are paramount for health, but don’t yield immediate dividends, so they can often feel like they aren’t important.

When I think about peace, and the things that bring joy… is that your most enjoyable places, times, people and things, can be absolutely significant in yielding peace in your life.  I find this to be so true, and it has been an exclamation point this last few days, as I have sat by the fire, with the waterfall in my fish pond just over my left shoulder.  Working on my laptop, writing this Daily Sprout, enjoying the smell of a fire, and the peace of the water all mixed with the crisp fall air.


So I find Fall to be a happy place.  And of course my title would suggest that you will too, but how could I know that?  You might just hate fall!  But there is more, fall brings pumpkins, and corn stalks, and pumpkin spiced lattes… all the good stuff, right?  And this is where I want to draw your attention.

The fall tends to bring joy to so many people, for so many reasons, and sadly so many of those reasons tend to be food.  Football and beer and chips.  Pumpkin flavored sugary treats, not to mention the pumpkin pie coming in another month.


I use that line with my 60 Day Turnaround people, ALL THE TIME.

Seriously?? You can’t watch football without beer and chips?

You can’t get through a month without the sugar?  I know, I know… it is hard, it is an addiction.   So my joy for this time of year, is the time of year.  And my commitment is to choose the things that bring happiness without brining destruction.  So I ask you to be committed to these things, and to confidently ignore those bad health things that you feel that you need to have.  Ignore them.

Be well and be blessed!  – Dr. E

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