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WOW, that’s odd…

There is a strange phenomena going on all around us.  If you are simply letting cultural living lead you, it is possible, though unlikely, that you haven’t noticed it.  And IF you have not noticed this phenomena, then you really need to pay close attention to this.

There has been an unprecedented rise in allergies (immune system dysfunction) to everything.  Food, environment, everything.  There has been an unrelenting increase in autism, ADD and ADHD.  This is a ridiculous problem, an epidemic.  Yet so many of the “so-called” experts would tell you that it is genetic.  A genetic epidemic… interesting thought, and if it is true, the question still needs to be, what could possibly change genetics that fast?

Both creationists and evolutionists would agree, there is no way to alter the DNA of an entire culture.  How could that be the cause?  It cannot, can it?  I will give some possible insight into how this whole thing could be happening, and oddly enough, it might just be enough to cause DNA to alter that quickly too (* Epigenetics).  The reality is, that there is one thing that has changed so drastically in the last twenty to thirty years, that once you stick your head into this, it is hard to deny.

Lifestyle exposure.

Have you ever stopped to consider what chemicals are in the plastic of a teething ring? Would you feed your child small plastic shavings?

What I mean by this, is that our entire lifestyle has opened up a door of exposure to chemical bombardment, that alteration of neural and immune function are an imminent by-product of this living.  Ultimately, if we dig hard enough, no matter who you are, what your background or bias, if you are open to the truth as it confronts you… you will realize we have brought this upon ourselves.

What exposures matter?

All in moderation right?  Wrong, there are certain chemicals, or altered foods, that will in some people, inflict harm the MOMENT they enter the body… whether it be the gut or the bloodstream.  I would agree with the real experts, that there is some level of individual resistance to an insult, and the response will vary in each person based on that resistance, which is why I choose for myself and my family to NOT be the least common denominator in every way that I can.

Though I would love to give the entire pile of evidence regarding this problem, I will simply state the areas of concern, and let your mind do the figuring.  First off, doesn’t it always seem that any company with lots of money… I mean LOTS OF MONEY… has the potential to hide something really well?  And though I don’t condone guilt by association (meaning, if you are associated with a lot of money, then you are guilty), I will say that for the most part, the larger more profitable companies, especially when it comes to providing consumer goods (consumables such as food, cleaning products, personal care products), most companies have shown their hand at some point, to be  a bit dirty.

The pink slime makers are suing ABC News, looking for $1.2B in damages… good luck, you are all dirty.  But I want you to decide, is it ok to chop up the remains of a cow and say that beef is beef?  Our country has come to allowing this sort of thing all the time, including all mechanical separated chicken in McNuggets, or conventional store bought chicken nuggets, or in just about every other chicken sandwich or nugget out there.  But what about a grilled breast, of course that is ok, right?  Well do you remember THIS ARTICLE that I wrote a while back regarding the Pfizer drug pulled from the market for causing too high of an increase in arsenic in people consuming chicken fed on this feed drug?

If you aren’t familiar, read it.  EVERY SINGLE CHICKEN raised conventionally is fed on a feed laced with arsenic, purposefully.  Not to pollute you, but with no respect for polluting you, and to ultimately aid in feed longevity and inflammation of the chicken, which makes it grow faster.  Do you really think that there will be no long term effects to eating purposefully inflamed (SICK) food?  Come on.

How about the vaccines?  And autism?  The Defeat Autism Now doctors take a mixed stand on vaccines, because they have concern over the validity of these vaccines helping you, thus don’t want you to avoid them.  Seriously.  They are helping you… have you seen the recent news about the outbreak of Pertussis… they were all vaccinated!  So now instead of seeing another cover up, which has largely been the way of the past, we see new news like this in Medpage Today, which suggests that pertussis vaccine weakens over time, so you need to get more shots… or boosters.

One of my greatest complaints, and that of my rich in research colleague Dr. Curtis Fedorchuk (who received a reward for Chiropractic Researcher of the year by a worldwide chiropractic foundation – worked for HealthSprout at the time), is that there is no research to back up the claims of vaccine manufacturers.  For the most part, they simply go off of the claim that diseases are eradicated, therefore they work.  Which is garbage.  Why are so many people who have been vaccinated getting sick?  And why were these diseases decreasing before the vaccines were ever created?

And all of this points to one clear thing.  Decreasing function of the neural and immune systems.  I didn’t receive 53 vaccines as a child, it was 11.  And now they think 53 is safe, but actually if you get them all, all recommended that is, and if the child carrying mother were to get all recommended to her, then we could be closer to 75 by the time you are 15.  An insult into the health of any child.  Why?  Because there is a truth to the titration experiment.

The experiment anyone in chem 101 did in a collegiate lab.  A pipette full of reagent, and a flask with another.  As you dropped on drop at a time, you were learning the point of no turning back.  As a portion of the flask reagent was being altered with every drop… but it was buffered by the total volume of solution.  Much like your body buffers the insult of chemicals from direct injection, food additives, absorption through the nostrils, and absorption through the skin.  You are fighting to resolve these chemicals, but sadly, many of them adhere to your immune system.

Eventually, just like that titration experiment, you become changed.  The flask turns purple in the most commonly used experiment.  Unfortunately, nothing so obvious happens to you.  But as you take in these chemicals from all directions (are you still getting BPA from your plastics… how about phthalates), you are altered.  And slowly and silently, your intestinal tract is weakened by the lack of immunity, your brain function is altered because of receptor sites no longer being available due to chemical adherence.

It becomes too much, and very few of us take it as serious as we should.  My friend Kelly Steffens has pretty much healed her daughter Marley from her autism, and this daughter of hers has mild CP as well… this was an uphill battle all the way, and she has fought to a point of incredible victory.  Most of you don’t take the stand you need to.

When will you?  If you come to me and say, “I was diagnosed with cancer today”.  Will it be a place where you can say, “I took my health as serious yesterday, as I will today”?  For most the answer is always no.  Yet, the absolute best place to take your health serious, is on this side of cancer… the preventative side.

Be sure to try to come to my workshop Wednesday Night on Optimal Health Through Nutrition, and don’t miss the Jordan Rubin led workshop on the 26th of September, but the launch of Total Food Makeover on Monday Night September 24th, just might be the most important night of your life.  Thanks for reading my rant!

Be Well, and Be Blessed!  – Dr. E

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