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Workout Of The Week

Pyramid time!

No, I don’t mean get your friends together and see if you can pile up on top of each others back (eight is enough style… ok, who knows what I’m talking about?)  I mean our workout is going to be shaped like a pyramid.  For this workout, you are going to need to once again have a rough measurement of 400M (1/4 mile).  Or you can simply pick any distance you want and repeat that distance (down to the Magnolia tree in front of the yellow house and back).

So as a reminder for some of you who do not exercise… it is an absolute necessity of health.  So if you tell me you care about your health, and then you tell me “I am not currently exercising”, I will quite bluntly let you know that you do not care about your health enough.  It’s kind of like saying, “I care about my diet, but right now, just for a little while, I am eating nothing but the worst food I can find.  But it’s only for a short while, so don’t worry, I’ll get back to it soon”.

Ridiculous.  Doesn’t work, because damage done, is damage that now must be overcome.  Same with exercise, the decline in your bio-chemical pathways, your hormonal system, your oxygen delivery system… damage to tissues that are dependent on as much oxygen as possible which are not getting that oxygen… it is all now future effort to overcome.

I have recently enjoyed the book “Born To Run” (and I do not at all consider myself a runner by the way), and I will write a Daily Sprout on it soon, however for now I just want to say that we were all born to run, so todays WOW has some running in it.

The workout.

30 Squats (no weight, just you), start this motion by pushing your butt back, keep your chest up as high as you can and use your arms in front of you to counter-balance.  Squat as low as you can, I prefer your hip joint is below the top of your knee.

Run/walk – 400M (or whatever distance you have prescribed)

30 Push-ups

Run/walk – 800M (do your first distance twice)

30 Push-ups

Run/Walk – 400M

30 Squats

As always with the workout of the week, your focus is to do this as FAST as you possibly can.  Record your time, then log onto our website, and post your results to this workout.  That way you will have the ability to search it out later on and check your results when you choose to do it again.

One more thing.  All of you are competitive.  Even those of you who are saying, “nah, I don’t care about winning”.  WRONG.  You actually do, we all do, it is programmed in you, some more than others of course, but everyone likes to win.  Trust me, you have some competition that you like to win… card game, board game, solitaire on the computer, most sales in your office, best voice in the church choir… something you have a desire in you to do the best.   Because we know that we can leverage that desire to do more good with your fitness, I love the idea of you getting someone to do this with you.  Don’t talk up the “race” if it makes you uncomfortable, just let yourselves push each other.


Dr. Eric

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