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Workout Of The Week

I will be hitting workouts all next week in Buffalo.  I have limited supplies there compared to my home or my gym, but much more than most of you would have at your homes, so I figured I would come up with a workout that is good for everyone, that I can choose to do next week.

We are going to introduce the overhead squat in this one.  An exercise that will bring out all of your joint inflexibility and possibly some strength issues (even though we are only going to use a PVC pipe or broomstick for most of you).  As always, these workouts that I create for you are going to have some running whether it be straight ground, or up and down stairs, today will be ground.

So the overhead squat.  Start by holding your broomstick or pvc pipe over your head, widen your grip so that your arms are wider than your shoulders (you can adjust width when you attempt your squats (a wider grip will allow you to keep this “bar” over your head, and not have it forced out in front of you.  Now, while maintaining your “bar” overhead with arms straight, shoulders engaged (meaning you ware pushing the bar out, keeping your elbows locked, not letting it drift down onto your head or shoudlers), perform a squat.


If you remember the squat rules, I want you to go as deep as you can, with a goal of having the top of your thigh completely parallel to the ground at the low point.  You achieve this by pushing your butt back, keeping your weight over your heels, with your knees pointing outward at 15 degrees (or possibly more when doing this movement).  When you return to standing, that is one rep.

Once you have practiced that  a few times, you will be ready for the workout.

3 Rounds – Run 200 meters (this is .125 miles, so half of a quarter mile, or a quarter of a half mile, if that helps you out.  On your car, It would read just beyond the .1 to get that distance.  I think a good way to guess, is if you live in a planned neighborhood with half acre lots, 100 meters would likely be three mailboxes from your own.  So you can make some estimates off of that).  30/60 overhead squats, 20 situps.

The 30/60 is going to be dependent on how comofrtable you are with high volume squats.  It will be a total of 90 squats for three rounds if you choose 30 per round, or 180 if you choose 60.  If you are still getting into doing squats, then I would go with the 30.  No sense in being too sore to do anything else for a week.

The sit-ups, as always, are full sit-ups if you can do them.  Legs bent, feet flat on the ground, with your knees up.  From your back on the ground to your chest touching your knees.  Do everything as fast as you can, timing yourself from start to finish.

Fortunately, I have a meter wheel in NY that I can use to measure out my 200M, so I will be able to try this one out as written.  When I do, I will post my result to this blog post on our daily sprout page.  Feel free to do the same.  Be well, Be fit – Dr. E

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