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Workout of The Week

So, have you heard that we are doing Max T3 classes in the office?  Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday we lead a workout in the office (at 11:45am), based off the Maximized Living Max T3 principles, and loosely tied to the CrossFit workouts that I preach (it is a bit of a step stool to CrossFit).

So I want to give you an overview of what we do in our class each week, tell you why you should come do the class, and then offer you a workout to mimic the class.  First off, Angel and Loree have both been CrossFitting for about a year (Mariah too, but she isn’t involved with the T3 class).  So the coaches, Angel and Loree, are experienced in this type of exercise, and are great coaches.

Our MWF class lasts about 20 minutes total, with only 6 actual minutes of “WORK” and 8 minutes of “REST”, with some warmup and cool down time as well.  What we do, is tackle three exercises.  Each exercise is done over 4 minutes with 2 minutes of work (30 second bouts, and 2 minutes of rest).  You start with 30 seconds of the exercise (and count) and then do 30 seconds of rest, follow that until you have done 4 minutes.  Rest exactly one minute, then start the second exercise the same way, rest 1 minute then the third. DONE!

The goal is to be intense during the bouts of exercise, over time you should have little drop off in rep count for each 30 seconds.  Also, we program the exercises to build strength, tax your aerobic system, and push your anaerobic limits as well.  The great news, is that it is for everyone.  You can be 80 years old and do this, or you could do it at 18 years old and be equally taxed.  Intensity is self governed by your fitness level, so it works great no matter what!

Rowing for 2 minutes, at high intensity will build muscle and endurance.

The plan for this workout test, is simple.  I want you to know that the simple can be so effective.

For the first 4 minutes, do 30 seconds of push-ups, followed by 30 seconds of rest.  Record your efforts for each 30 second burst of exercise.  When you are done with your push-ups, rest one minute before beginning your sit-ups.  Same routine of 30 on and 30 off.  For all of these exercises, you substitute appropriately.  I would do full push-ups, with range of motion from my chest touching the floor to my arms straightened.  Sit-ups I would bring my torso back to touch the floor with my hands overhead, then bringing my body to a perpendicular to the floor position.

Finally, after sit-ups, we have squats.  full depth, your hip bone is below your knee squats (if you can only go half that deep, fine for now).  These lovely little evil exercise will leave your legs nice and wobbly.

Record each round, so that your score card might look like this:

Push-up: 20/19/16/16 Sit-up: 22/21/20/18 Squat: 33/33/31/31

Post that score to comments and you will be able to find it here again, on another day that you choose to try it again!

Our in office class is $50 a month for patients, and $75 a month for non-patients.  If the interest for a morning grows, we will look at adding that!  Keep pursuing health and fitness!  Be Well and Blessed – Dr. E

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