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Workout of The Week

So many of you have told me you are committed to exercising more this year, which I hear every year.  HOWEVER, this year I think more of it will stick!  And the best way to make it stick is to make sure that you find a convenient way to exercise.

Research has shown, more important than any other factor when it comes to continuing an exercise program, convenience is key.  Now I don’t want to give the impression that exercise is simply convenient, but when it comes to starting and then sticking with it, it comes down to having easy access.

So because some of you work in the daytime without flexibility, you cannot make our Max T3 classes 3 days a week, which would be a great step for you.  And because some are a bit concerned with the CrossFit classes, it leaves it all up to  my ability to program a fun workout for you to do at home.  It is up to you to do the rest!

The Workout – you will need to broad jump, you need to burpee and you need to do those together.  You also need to sit-up (remember, I am after full sit-ups, from your back on the floor to your chest at your knees), and you need to be able to run.

This will be a fun one, so get it all set up and enjoy!

Measure out ten large steps (as large as you can step), mark the start and stop so you have that full distance marked off.

30 seconds run forward and backward the distance that you measured.  Each time you cover both directions counts as one. After 30 seconds, rest ten seconds (be sure to write down your total) and get into a sit-up position while you are resting, then sit-up for 30 seconds, rest ten seconds then burpee broad jump the distance for 30 seconds then rest 10 seconds, then start over.

Each “round” takes you 2 minutes, so you will re-do this a total of 3 times, meaning your total workout is 6 minutes.  You will be dead tired, trust me.

Your Burpee broad jump movement: Start standing up, drop to your stomach as fast as you can (some will just drop, others will need to ease yourself down, then push yourself off as explosively as you can into a squat (this might also be a slow movement to standing).  Once you are standing you jump with both feet at the same time, as far as you can (broad jump).  Land on two feet and drop back into a burpee and repeat.  When you come up from the burpees you do not need to stand, so if you land in a squat, just jump from that position.

Have fun, and record your reps for sit-ups, the number of times you ran (there and back was one) for the run, and record the number of times you covered the distance one way for the burpee broad jump).

Work hard this year and stay committed, you will thank yourself later!

Be well, have a great first weekend of 2012! – Dr. E

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