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Workout Of The Week

The workout of the week is more about the when and where, than it is about the what.  I hope that made you a little concerned.  I am asking you, all of you, to do a short workout at work… during work.  And more specifically, during a time at work that you feel tired, when you really shouldn’t.

So all I want is a 4 round Burst.  30 seconds on, 30 seconds off, for 4 minutes (really its like 3 1/2 minutes).  And I will let you pick the exercise.  You have ONE week to try this, don’t be shy, be crazy!  Do it at work!  Or in a public place, at school, I don’t know, somewhere where you need to be awakened and alive when you feel dead tired!

These are your exercise options:

  1. Squats – should width stance, squat with your butt low, below your knees, and your butt needs to be back too, not forward pushing your knees way out over your toes, they need to be back.

  2. Walking lunges – yep, a little more obvious to the world, so you might be more embarrassed to try this in front of someone, but don’t be shy!  Every step, the trailing knee should touch the floor, or as close as possible.

  3. Push-ups – on the ground from your toes or your knees, or if those are too hard, leaning against a sofa or the wall.

  4. Virtual Jump Rope – one of my new favorites!  Hold your arms out as if holding a jump rope, and jump, timing the spin of your wrists to the jump.

OK, now you are equipped, but you probably don’t know why?  Why do this?  Well, I want you to learn what a small burst of high intense exercise will do for you.  For your fitness, but very importantly, for your energy systems.  In that short burst (30 seconds you work real hard, rest for 30 seconds, work hard the next 30, back to rest, until you have done four sessions of work), you will release so much free fatty acid into your blood stream, you will utilize this for energy, and in the process you will burn many calories in your recovery phase.

Your energy will be boost, and your fitness will increase.  How awesome is that for 120 seconds of work?  I would love for everyone to try it, and to post here on our web site your thoughts before and after!  Thanks for playing, God Bless!

Dr. E

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