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Workout of The Week

I am going to get away with a short post today. But one that is worth posting, and doing. A patient went in to a CrossFit gym this week for his first time, and he was given a workout from last years CrossFit Open.

The Open is a competition that runs worldwide, and seeks out the fittest members of our planet to compete in regional qualifiers. From there, regional winners make it to the CrossFit Games to battle for fittest on Earth!

The first workout (task or test as it were) was 7 minutes of burpees. In addition, the jump portion (see below) was to a target which if memory serves me right, was one foot over the highest point of your standing reach.

So this is your task now, 7 minutes of burpees. But don’t run off and do them now, you need to red your rules first.

Burpee – what in the world is that. For our purpose, you will start standing up, then drop to the ground in any fashion you choose, so that your chest is on the floor. From there push yourself back up and jump into a squat, then stand and jump while clapping your hands overhead.

You don’t need to jump down and up, you could slowly work your way down and up, the key is that you move from upright, to horizontal on the floor, to upright, then finish with a very slight jump and clap. As long as your feet are off the ground, your jump is good.

I think I did 119 or 121 of these last year with the 1′ jump overhead. Really annoying.

Have fun, be fit… oh, and did you see that they are using CrossFit with the Biggest Loser crew this series? Guess what… if they can do it, you can do it.

Be Blessed, Dr. E

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