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Workout of The Week

With a rainy forecast, and the feeling of fall/winter coming upon us, there is no time like RIGHT NOW, to jump on board with short burst, High Intensity workouts, to warm you up!  And nothing more important than finding something to do indoors, so you don’t feel like you need to don your rain gear to get a little fitness.

So, instead of the usual tabata style interval training that I love to give (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off for 4 minutes), I want to give you a different interval training, that will be more taxing on the aerobic pathways of energy creation, earlier in the workout.

So for this workout, you will be working for 90 seconds at a time, and resting for 30 seconds (which is a total interval time of 2 minutes), and you will do 5 intervals like this, for 10 total minutes of workout time.

  Now, lets give you your actual workout.

The image shows a man jumping in the air, and every time he jumps, he is double tapping his hips.  This is a common substitute for doing double unders (jumping rope where the rope passes under your feet two times, while you are in the air).  If you have a way to do double unders, you can do them… otherwise, this substitute is great.

For each 90 Second Interval you will do:

30 Double Unders (or the substitute) 20 Squats (see the image below as well) 10 Push-ups (see substitution ideas below)

And you will go through this as many times as you can in 90 seconds.  Then rest 30 seconds, and repeat for a total of five times.

Some people can do push-ups just fine all day long.  Most people cannot.  If you are in the cannot list, you can substitute, and hopefully strengthen enough over time that you will do push-ups all day long.

But for now, if you can do them from your knees, great, lets do that.  The only caveat, is that I want you to go through a full range of motion, or in this case, I want your nose to touch the floor, making it harder to do these from the knees than what you might be used to.  So for that reason, you could do them from your knees, but with your hands on the edge of a coffee table, or perhaps standing and leaning against a wall.  The easier substitutions will give you faster progression to the next one.

Your air squat position is below… however, once again, there may be issues with that kind of depth.  I totally get it.  You should squat as deep as you can comfortably do so, and as you do more squats, most people gain depth over time.  Knee issues begin to resolve, and life is good!

Give it a go, 10 minutes… it will be intense, and you will love it!

Be well and Be blessed!  – Dr. E

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