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Workout for the week!

Yes, you betcha!  I have a workout for the week for you.  This is for everyone in my office… at least I cannot think of anyone right now whom I should not put through this workout.

So the point of this post is that I have a bunch of people who said that they want to increase strength, and become more fit this year.  So we are going to hit some of those goals through the occasional post of a workout. 

This one, is really just to get your feet wet, and it is equally challenging for someone to do this who is elitely fit as it is for someone who has been sitting on the couch for the last five years.  The time to finish and the total reps accomplished will vary depending on that fitness level, but it will be equally valuable.

The Workout

Assuming you have stairs in your home, one flight would do.  If you do not have stairs, then stepping up and down one or two steps somewhere will suffice (do it enough to add up to 16 total steps for one way).

Start on the first floor of your house, and keep a continuous count of all the reps you accomplish in this workout:

Push-Ups – with a running clock (you can use a watch of any type) do as many push-ups as possible in 30 seconds (if you can’t do full push-ups, then do them from the knees, if that is to hard, lean against a wall and do them there). At 30 seconds, roll to your back and do as many sit-ups as possible in 30 seconds.   Then run up the stairs, then down, and back up again as fast as you can (if you are balance challenged, then do this part slowly for safety, trust me, your balance will improve over time just from doing this).

Once you are at the top of the stairs, you will need to squat  (look for air squat under CrossFit Exercises) as many times as you can in 30 seconds, then you will bounce jump (as if you were jumping rope) as many times as you can in 30 seconds.  Now run back down the stairs, back up, then back down again.  At the bottom, you will now move to 30 seconds of push-ups, 30 seconds of sit-ups, 30 seconds of squats, and 30 seconds of bounce jumps. 

Back up the stairs, down and up, and the finale is to do 30 seconds of all four of the exercises again.  Check your total time to finish, as well as your total reps.

This workout is designed to tax you.  Go as fast as you can, but if you feel like you are pushing to hard, then back off, I don’t want anyone passing out.  And if you have any cardiovascular reason to be concerned about trying such a thing, then don’t!  Consult a doc, could be me, but let’s talk first.

For the rest of you, good luck, and please, post your results to this blog post!  Thanks, be well and fit!

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