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Workout for the Week

Great response on WOW #1, so I am back with more for you.  And as always, for those who have not heard me say it repeatedly, or ever… you need to try a CrossFit gym  and if you are a patient of mine, you have mine, The Garage, you also have Holly Springs (CrossFit Refuge) and Canton (CrossFit Canton) right here in your back yard.

OK, so what are we going to have you do today?  Well, the time domain will stay pretty short, but in most cases longer than the last one.  We are going to throw in some running/jogging/walking (the fastest form that you can do), burpees (be sure to click the link for demo, you need windows media player), and stair jumps/step-ups.

The work will require that you know how far 400 meters is, or a quarter of a mile, or best, if you drive away from your home at 30 mph, start with an odometer reading of 0, when it turns to 1, count “1 one thousand, 2 one thousand, 3 one thousand” and stop.  Find a landmark, this will be your turn around point when you leave from your house.

WOW #2 3 times through as fast as you can Run 400M (if run/jog/walk is not an option, then run in place and count 400 steps if running, 600 if walking) 25 Burpees 15 stair jumps/step ups to second step on a set of stairs (modify and only do first step if necessary)

Start working this in with the other WOW, to avoid boredom.  Record your time and compete with yourself.  Or post your results here and see how you stack up against others!

Be well!

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