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Workout for The Week!

Lets start this week off right… the weather is changing, and we all want to get outside and get active (right, all of us want this… don’t you?)… and the best plan of action, as always is to push yourself to be committed.  We often lose sight of those commitments through the winter, the dreary weather, and the dark mornings and evenings.  They shrink our days, and they give us a host of excuses to free ourselves from the guilt of sedentary living.  So here I am, back once again to make that guilt real.

It is time people, get serious, and stop quitting good habits!  If we added up all the times that the average American quit exercise, we would find that we would all be competing for the fittest person on Earth by now… stay committed.  My favorite line, my commitments are greater than my feelings in this moment… BELONGS RIGHT HERE.

My Commitments Are Greater than My Feelings in This Moment!

Are you committed to a life of health?  At least to a better life than the one you had as it relates to health and longevity, and vitality?  If so, then get up out of your chair and enhance your living!

So here you go, two quick options to get a nice heart rate escalation and perhaps a little burn.

Workout 1 –

Measure out 100 long steps up a hill around your house.  Mark those steps from start to finish.

10X – you will run, or walk, or crawl as fast as possible (for you) from start to finish.  Take about 2 minutes to return to the start position, and do it again for a total of 10 times.  (This is a sprint for those who can, steeper the better)

Workout 2 –

TABATA – if you have read my workouts before, you have heard me tout tabata as the best basic workout you could ever do, so here we will give you the best of the best.

Squats and Push-ups (your push-up can be on the ground in a plank, it can be on your knees, against a wall… whatever you can do).

Your effort is simple – 4 minutes of squats, 20 seconds do as many as possible, 10 seconds you will rest, for a total of 8 rounds, or 4 minutes.  You can search the app store to find free “TABATA timers”.  As soon as you are done, you will immediately begin the 4 minutes of push-ups.  This is brutal, squat as deep as you can to the depth below, IF it is comfortable.  Stop where comfort (joint comfort, knees and ankles) begins to fade to pain in joints.

Have fun, and relish in your effort towards fitness!

Be well and Be blessed! – Dr. E

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