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Why This Week Matters!

This is Healthy Spine Week!!  So why in the world does it matter so much?  Honestly, the answers are endless, and they start with supporting the mobile food pantry.  During Healthy Spine Week, every person who you refer to have their spine checked out, will have the chance to do it for $25 (this includes scan, x-rays, exam) and if they say they are referred by the Mobile Food Pantry, we will not only give that $25 to the pantry, we will match it!

In addition you can bring in all the canned and boxed food items that you really shouldn’t have anyways… and though it might sound odd that I say you shouldn’t eat it, so bring it in… well, if someone is malnourished, step one is edible, step two is healthy.  The mobile food pantry will provide for anyone in need including, of course the homeless in the Marietta area.  Christ’s love is shared through giving and providing for the needs of others as the mobile food pantry is brought into the streets in Marietta on the weekends. It will be stocked with food items and non food items such as sleeping bags, candles, detergent, wash clothes, tarps, etc; we would welcome your other gifts as well.

So, it is an important reason to support our efforts this week, but we still haven’t gotten the big one.  The big reason is… saving lives.  Sometimes it takes a well written reminder, so that you don’t so easily forget why YOU are here, and why the growth of our efforts will positively impact your life beyond your intentions for health.  Let me help you out with this.

We base our office on five foundations of health, and he have been teaching them for ten years.  Before all the buzz words of today were out there in the world (colon cleanse, P90X…), we were teaching sound principles.  Simple and black and white…

  1. Solid foundation for low stress and high self esteem living.  We call this peace.

  2. The highest level of nervous system function that you can achieve, we care for the spine to aid in this process.

  3. Proper balance in nutritional intake, insuring that you are getting the good that you need.

  4. Exercise.  The goal is to maximize lean muscle and oxygen delivery to your body.

  5. Reduced toxin living.  Detoxification is part of this, but first comes reduced toxin living, if you hope to give detox the chance that it deserves.

You see, at the beginning of every health crisis that exists, you have one or more of these five principles that was out of balance, period.  There is nothing more than this, every single health problem can be traced back to one of these… if it is a genetic predisposition… guess what, that genetic breakdown occurred in one of your ancestors because of… you guessed it, one of the five.  By committing to constantly improving yourselves in these areas, you are committing to the lowest risk of health problems that you can get!

OK, so let’s talk about why it is good to refer, and I am NOT talking about back pain patients (they are fine, but are you talking about health to the people you know?), I am talking about anyone.  One of the greatest reasons to do so, is the health of those individuals, however, there is another self motivated reason.  For your increased health and that of your family.

If you surround yourself with people who are committed to health, like you are, then guess what?  It all gets easier.  I could never make as many wise choices as I do, if it weren’t for the fact that I am surrounded by YOU!  Our mission is about the community, it always has.  We take it seriously, and we take the importance of our mission as the greatest thing in front of us.  People are getting sicker and sicker because of the drug this, drug that mentality that rules this country.  If we are to change it, we need your help!

Thank you for caring, be blessed!

Dr. E

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