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Why Bacon DOES NOT belong on your plate!


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The newest edition to the Burger King’s menu is the Bacon Sundae, made with vanilla ice cream, chocolate fudge, caramel, bacon crumbles and a slice of bacon. With 510 calories, 18 grams of fat and 61 grams of sugar, it’s like eating a second Whopper.  Given the abundance of bacon burgers and bacon-wrapped steaks, Americans obviously love bacon despite its association with heart disease and various cancers.

If you’re one of the many who enjoy an occasional slice of bacon, here are four tips for checking labels and avoiding.

Toxic pork.  Maximized Living does not recommend consuming pork products. Ever. The American Institute for Cancer Research claims all processed meats are unhealthy.  Pork contains a high amount of dangerous, unhealthy fats that will store large amounts of toxins.  If you’re a bacon lover, turkey or all-natural beef bacon are healthier alternatives.

Deadly nitrates.  In most pork-based processed meats—bacon, ham, sausage, bologna, hot dogs— nitrates linked to cancer  are usually added as a preservative to give a pinkish color. The danger is that sodium nitrate and nitrite form cancer-causing compounds known as nitrosamines when mixed with stomach acid and other chemicals. Looking for “no added nitrates” on the package is smart and safe. Apply this rule whenever you look through packaged meats.

Sodium Overload.  Curing bacon involves high amounts of sodium.  Sodium increases your risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke.  Eating a lot of cured meat has also been linked to cancer.  Brine-cured bacon is higher in sodium than bacon cured through dry packing. Turkey bacon typically has less salt, but not always. Check the label.

Disease-Causing Fats. The fat and cholesterol content of processed meats is always dangerous.  Processed meats have processed fats that contribute to heart disease, diabetes and cancer.  Choose all-natural turkey or beef bacon products even if they have higher fat content to reduce your risk of chronic disease.  Healthy, unprocessed fats are needed for your brain, nerves, energy levels and overall health.  Always err on the side of all-natural, organic products.

Dr. Eric’s ADDITION – God said to avoid it.  I know he may have erased that through Grace, but just because he took away our need to be under the law doesn’t mean he took away the law.  We don’t murder still, we continue to tithe, and stealing and adultery tend to fall into the “no-no” category still.  So I believe we follow these laws for two reasons.  One, we were told to by God, thus our entire ethical/moral agenda are based on these.  And two, we realize that our lives are better by following these laws.

Not eating pork is the same.  Your life will be better without it.  Period.

Maximized Living is committed to providing you the resources and proven techniques to achieve optimal health—body, mind and spirit.

HealthSprout is a Maximized Living Partner and has been in some capacity since 2003.

Thanks for Reading – with lots of love and prayers of recovery for myself, so I can get back to serving you fully!  Dr. E

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