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Who You Are.

In my doctor’s report, I talk about who you are, about who you are as it relates to your belief about health, and how that impacts your decisions.  Many of you have not seen a doctor’s report in years, which is sad.  It focuses you on your goal of care.  It keeps you motivated regarding your other health decisions.

So what I am referring to is this:

Each and every one of us who is acting under the medical mindset, the medical model, which says “I am fine because I am symptom free” is at fault for the state of health in our nation.  Every minute that you use symptomotology to drive your desire for greater health, leads us into a doomed place.   A place where medication becomes absolutely necessary.  Because it is in this complacency, this place where we believe that we are well, simply because we do not ail; this is the place where we let ourselves continue on a path that is creating deficiency.  The alternative is to live in a lace of constant pursuit, where we are well because we know that we are doing what we can to be well.  It is not a lack of aspiration to be medicated that will keep us from medication… it is an aspiration to be well. 

My point is, so many of you are coming to get adjusted every week, yet you don’t do anything else I teach.  Thus you are really assuming that you are fine, though the likelihood is that you are developing illness, slowly.  I say come learn to detox, and you ignore me because you don’t see a need to detox.  I say that the absolute best form of exercise is the short burst of intense exercise.  But instead of a bunch of followers, I get a handful, and a bunch of people who go about their usual routine.  If you don’t trust me, come to a workshop and you will be changed.

I tell you that you should be taking juice plus, because I, without a doubt, believe you should.  I put someone in my office to talk with you about it, and you ignore them and the information.  And the reason why I get this, is because you feel you are fine without it.  I understand the feeling, it is so extremely confidence building when ever we are feeling good that you think “how could there be anything going on, I feel great”.  It is easy to say “Man I am healthy, thanks Dr. Eric for your help” but then fail to follow 80% of what I actually say to do.

But here is the real kicker.  Then, all of a sudden, something starts to fail.  And before I can even be told what is going on, you are at a hospital, you are taking meds, you have a surgery scheduled, and you have decided that chiropractic has failed you.  Well, it will fail me too if I suddenly give up on every other area of health.  It is not the stand alone path to health, it is a necessary component which is a piece of many others.

So then you come in, telling me you are taking some meds and scheduled for surgery, I am thinking.  STOP.  Let’s figure out what we can do about it, about your spine, about your nutrition, your sleep, etc.

If you ever have an area of concern that you would like to speak about, but you don’t want to bring it up in the adjusting room.  Simply email me,  and I will make a time to speak with you.  I don’t believe you would need for me to handhold you the whole way through… but maybe a little while; and surely you can gain some insight from our workshops.

So who are you?  Are you the person who thinks you are doing everything fine, when in reality your diet, exercise, stress are so bad you are RUNNING towards disease?  Or are you the person who is motivated to do everything right, even though you feel perfect.  You are stuck with the belief that you will always be better off if you put your health.   ALL of your health, first!

Be well, be changed..  Dr. E

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