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Where Does Life Happen?

Compiled by Dr. Levi

This is an excerpt from one of the top strength coaches in the world, Martin Rooney, on his reflection of physical training and life:

Everything about the world today revolves around instant gratification.  In a way some of the technology is actually making it more difficult to stay healthy and to stick with our goals.  If you don’t believe me, let me tell you about a few of the technological and human changes that have occurred over the last decade and you can make your own decision.  Today, if you want your food cooked in a second, you put it in a what?   A microwave.  The food doesn’t have to be prepared, and it doesn’t really have to be good for you either.  As long as you can have it quickly, most people will eat it.  Although this speeds up the eating process and makes food more accessible, the quality is poor and the quantity is high.  As a result, we’re physically getting soft and more diseased.

Today, if you want any piece of information in a split second anywhere in the world, you go on what?  The internet.  I remember having to look up my own sources, qualify what I was reading, and actually read the books!  Today’s youth are misinformed about many areas from the internet and lose their resourcefulness when it comes to education.  They also spend hours upon hours a day sitting in poor postures getting out of shape.

Today, if you want access to any person at any second, you call them on what?  A cell phone!  This great device may make us accessible, but it’s also helping us to lose our powers to memorize phone numbers, addresses, and appointments, and it increases car accidents at the same time.  All these technological accelerators have one thing in common- they’re taking away our ability to think and experience.   To me, that’s very scary.

I want to ask one more challenging question about technology.  If you want to be in great shape in a second, you do what?  What’s wrong? No answer here that technology can provide? No simple way to spend zero energy and eat poorly and still get fit?  That’s right.  There’s no quick fix here.  There’s nothing that will ever replace good old-fashioned hard work and practice.  Not only that, this is where your life happens one plateau at a time.

Think about your own experience.  You may have become frustrated with your physical or technical progress because you thought it was too slow or not enough.  You may have even quit at the point when progress was right around the corner.  Instead of focusing on the results, imagine focusing on the moment.  It was there that life was happening.

Dr. Levi:

By the way, in case you didn’t notice, the guy in the picture doesn’t have any legs, forearms, hands, or feet.  And I suspect he’s not waiting to grow any either. He’s doing today what many are waiting for tomorrow to do. He’s in the moment.

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