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What you will learn at The Home and Body Detox Workshop…

This coming Monday night you have our Home and Body detox workshop along with Dr. David Jockers, located at Towne View Baptist Church.  The event is $5 if you pay today (Friday), after today it is $10.  Over the years, I have taught 6 different detox workshops, and I have taught them a combined 18 times.

I am however, more excited to teach this one than any before, simply because of the unique approach.  There will be new material that I have never taught before, and there will be old material that we will teach from now until the end of time.  But the approach is going to be awesome and will make learning a joy!

We will start by giving you some education of the toxins that are around you daily.  These toxins are ever present, and at low concentrations, so our government agencies don’t necessarily frown on them… but what happens when you accumulate them from a thousand unique sources over the course of the day?  What about two thousand?  This is how most of you live your life, so trace amounts are no longer trace amounts, and this is serious.

We will get to the breakout sessions, and this is where the fun starts!  We will do four breakouts, and every attendee will do each of those four breakouts.  The first is The Probiotic Lifestyle, teaching you how to live a probiotic rich lifestyle and what it does for you.  There will be a breakout on detoxifying herbs.  As many of you know, I do not consider myself well-versed in herbal remedies… primarily because I don’t treat… with anything.  If we are sick and expressing health, I let it go.  However, I do use herbal detox formulas, so wormwood is part of my life!

We will have a break-out specifically on the Suero challenge.  A Suero-viv meal replacement challenge, which we will be promoting heavily in office following the event.  This is a great way to gently support detoxification of your body, and is recommended for anyone, even pregnant or nursing moms.  How?  Because it doesn’t drive a toxin dump into your system, but rather it builds a toxin buffer in your system.  Come to learn more about this!

Last breakout will be detoxifying exercise.  This is the one that Dr. Levi and I will be running.  It is a powerful breakout that will demonstrate to you how exercise can drive toxin reduction.  All the breakouts will be short and sweet, but extremely valuable and effective.  We will be giving samples throughout.

In addition, come chat with Simon, the GM of The Garage, and let him answer your fitness questions, and there will be healthy air and healthy water vendors there.   Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to get all of the information you want and need, in one place!

I feel very inspired to get all of you to show up on Monday and to bring a friend.  Pull someone away from cancer, and in the direction of healing.  This is a great place to start.  Be well and know that you are loved, Dr. E

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