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What I Learned Hosting a “Skin Care Party”

First off, I learned how to find a deeper connection to my feminine side.  So I am planning on applying some stuff tonight (I call it stuff, so that I can stay in touch with my masculine side, using the word “toner” as it applies to my own skin seems a little too soft).  But really, in the last few days preparing for this talk, I have found a desire to take better care of my face.  

Jamie, Tracy and Laura – at our first skin care party/workshop/whatever you want to call it! We had fun, learned a lot, and got a lot of women excited for the healthier future!

I already do a decent job with my body, using clean soaps and shampoos, as well as minimizing toxins.  I gave up antiperspirant over a decade ago, exchanging it for deodorant.  I still use some fragrance in my deodorant, but I have reviewed this and consider it minimally toxic.  I apply organic lotion, and have been fairly sunscreen free (for understanding of this, google – “sunscreen concerns” and read both sides, you’ll quickly understand) for the last five years.

But my face… I have never taken extra care of my face, and I get why it is important. So what was the party, it was a testing party of the Beyond Organic Anti-aging system.  My wife and I hosted it at the house, and are now considering how we would alter this and host at the office in the future.  It was good, and my learning was significant.  First off, the idea of anti-aging for most, is an idea of beauty and fighting off the appearance of aging.

But what I took away from this, is that anti-aging is less about the appearance of aging, and more about the health of aging.  If I am going to “Not” age, then I want my health to be the equivalent of a younger and better me.  And when we consider that the skin is the largest organ in the body, and it absorbs EVERYTHING you put on it, I quickly not only consider the value of anti aging for appearance, but how well can I maintain this FIRST LINE of defense from foreign invaders.  And that means a little extra care.  

As I dug, I actually wondered if some of my sinus complaint patients could do better if they had  a buffer between their skin absorption, and toxins.  The other thing I learned, is that the people whom I interact with through my office and outside, seem to be putting forth a significant effort to find a good answer.  I was pleased to find that many of the attendees were trying to make a healthy choice already.  But they still seemed to fall short in general when reviewing the ingredients in their commonly used products.

One thing I can say without a doubt, my wife’s skin has looked amazing in the last two months that she has been using this product, firmer ad better structured.  It has the appearance of better health, and more resistance to attack.  Another thing I learned, the IgE (Immunoglobulin E) which resides in the skin, is easily wiped out by alcohol, and by the irritation from common chemical ingredients on your bathroom counter.  So bad, it can cause the natural defense of the skin, to be completely muted, allowing infection to occur more easily from staph, as well as leading an open door for mutation to occur, as the immune system is less responsive to killing newly altered cells.

The skin… definitely important, definitely neglected, and highly under regulated when we consider the products that are made for it.  I’ll never forget my organic skin mentor saying a few years back, “The skin is the most important place to go organic first”, and the reason was not because she was in the organic skincare industry, but because the skin absorbs everything, right into your system.  Big time concerns lie here.

So my last bit of knowledge… women sure understand the difference between a cleanser, a toner and a serum.  Which led me to understand that this is an area that is exploding, healthy skin care is huge.  And for good reason… so if you want to join the team, and get the knowledge, let m know.  

Be well and be Blessed! – Dr. E

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