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What I learned from The Garage Games

Dr. Eric

I love the opportunity to pick up more information about the human spirit… it is an awesome opportunity to grow in knowledge about each and everyone of you, myself, and my family.  Especially when you see people at the brink.  The Garage Games was a two day, six event competition where 305 individual competitors, and 200 team competitors fought it out for top honors!

To give you a sense of what these people did… imagine sprinting up a hill, ducking under ropes hung just right to clothesline you, then racing to do clean and jerks, sandbag squats, and pull-ups; then racing against 11 other competitors throwing a 135# barbell across a horse arena; followed by a 5k trail run with a 12 foot wall to climb; and carrying a 116# stone back and forth then jumping on a row machine to fight out 1000M!

This stuff is grueling and awesome!  So what I love, is the underdog… and not the underdog who has a chance of winning, but the underdog who is hopeless to win.  The person who has no hope of placing, but their entire goal is to push themselves to a new place.  That is my pride for my gym and my practice, the one who is looking for a miracle, and really just wants to say “I can do more”.

What is really cool about this mentality, is that it breeds optimism and hope, it conquers barriers that are physical, mental and emotional.  And it also breaks through spiritual boundaries.  I love this most of all, because it let’s someone trust in something bigger than themselves, and I live for that!  So I saw and spoke with several people over the weekend who said to me (paraphrase) “I looked at this, and knew I could not do it, so then I knew I had to do it”.  One was a photographer who came last year to our event, and she was back this year, as a brand new fitness enthusiast, to compete!

I have a high school friend who lives in Sarasota, FL.  He is a fitness enthusiast who has done everything that he can.  Marathons, intense training, heavy weight lifting… the whole nine.  So when he saw The Garage Games, he said that he had to do it.  So he came up and competed in his first CrossFit competition, when he had never done CrossFit to prepare.  He did good, not as good as he would have liked, but good.  So now he is re-vamping his entire training program!  He also sat in my Leptin workshop, so you can be sure that he is changing his diet too!

But across the board, with competitors new and old, experienced and green, those strong and those weak… the thing that is the common bond, is “I will do this better than I am expected to.”

I hope that this weekend, you can be filled with the hope that whatever comes across your path is something you can do better than you expect that you can!

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