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What Can I Do For You?

So I am not 100%, but I am close, and I am well enough to adjust anyone and everyone.  So I will!  In the last three months, my business has suffered.  Of course it has, I have been slow to heal, and how do you adjust with a bum shoulder?

So, over the coming few weeks, I want to make sure that I help everyone get back on track, and if there is anything that I can help with, that we focus on that.

My Crazy Family… lots of Faith in this group, lots of understanding of the power that was put in you to heal you… lots of drug free kids.

This is important.  Your spinal health is still the most important aspect of your health.  Your nervous system is it.  I have been in this lifestyle for fifteen years.  I have been up and down every path and around every bend.  I have been amazed at every turn by one thing more than anything else, the importance of corrective chiropractic care in lifetime wellness.

I had a couple patients let me know this week that they were stopping care, and all I thought about was what they would be missing.  Not right now.  At any given moment there is no measurable benefit of chiropractic.  I understand this, and you should too.  But over the course of a few years, a decade, two decades, the value becomes immeasurable.  I have seen it in myself, and in those patients who have been with me through it.

The study that most profoundly impacted me, was the quality of life study published about 8 years ago.  This study showed not only improved quality of life assessments in surveys of people under chiropractic care for 5-7 years minimum (when compared with others in chiropractic for 1 year to five years… this is important.  Do you realize that the honeymoon period when most people would tend to believe that chiropractic is changing their life, is in the first twelve months?  So that if you have a survey showing people in chiropractic for seven years are saying that their quality of life is better because of it, these people must REALLY be getting it!  It isn’t a placebo effect lasting for seven years!!)… ok back to the survey, it also showed that this group had higher levels of thiols in the bloodstream, natural DNA repair hormones that keep you young.  And higher levels of white blood cells.

On the blood cells… how many times have you heard me spout the study to you that showed that those with a misaligned atlas can increase their white blood cell count by 20% in fifteen minutes following an atlas adjustment?  Do you know that white blood cell counts are the number one way to reduce blood born cancers in the body?

So the next time someone asks you why your baby gets adjusted, tell them it is because their head was pulled when they were born, and you want to reduce their long term risk of cancer.  That is the most valuable long term reason to get your kids adjusted.  For this reason alone, I will never not adjust my kids.  Ever.

So, yeah, my passion has not waned, don’t think it has.  This is it.  I have lived and breathed miracles in my office and I think God for that, and for the opportunity to lay hands on someone, and remove subluxation.  Subluxation that is interfering with life and love, and calm, and strength.  You are created to be awesome, but you never will be as awesome as you could be with subluxation.  I have seen its effects in so many people.

So please, rally around this moment, and be sure you are back on track with your adjustments.  It is TOO valuable, and will always outweigh the negative words of an MD.  If you are experiencing needs, lets help your nervous system to lead you to wellness.  Be Well, Be Blessed!  – Dr. E

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