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Watch Out For That Fat!

Nope, just kidding. Actually, this is more of a “can I have more fat please”, conversation. You might trust me, you might not. If you don’t, I am not sure why you are reading this… if you say you do, but then you don’t listen to my advice, well, then I would say you probably don’t.

God has given us an incredible bounty of healthy fats on this planet, and it is important that we eat them.  I would stand confident in saying that on a daily basis the most important food we consume are dark green vegetables, and fat would be second.  The vegetables for their rich and diverse nutrients (vitamins and minerals), and the fat because of its importance in building healthy new cells, hormones and neuro-transmitters.

I know I have discussed this before, but you need to be reminded that you are creating hundreds of thousands of cells every day, and that these cells are wrapped in a blanket of healthy fat.  So as I prepare to speak about healthy fats to my Extreme Makeover group, I figured I would give all of you my top three!

Number 3-

Almonds (Almond Butter) – these little gems are packed with healthy fats that are just right to not only build tissue, but to build the hormones and neuro-transmitters too.  It is heavily a monounsaturated Omega-9 fatty acid (a lot like olive oil or grapeseed oil).  A quick reminder, fats do not stimulate insulin do to a blood sugar rise, thus fats do not stimulate storage of fat.  Fat DOES NOT make you fat.  It can’t.

Number 2-

Grass Fed/Pasture Butter – this butter is most commonly referred to as pasture butter because the cow is out to pasture, not in a feed pen.  And oh, how nice to have butter loaded with CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) which has been shown to prevent cancer, and to improve fat burning (when found in its natural form).  The other awesome benefit of this butter, is that it is loaded with Omega 3 Fatty Acid – AKA Fish oil, but obviously not from fish in this situation.  These benefits go on and on.

Number 1-

Coconut Oil – well, the top runner goes to the coconut.  It is loaded with CLA, and it has lauric acid (a fat otherwise found only in human breast milk… cool huh?)  In addition, it is very possibly the most rich source of medium chain fatty acids out there, which are an intermediary in fat burning.  You burn more fat as you utilize more of these fatty acids.  Which will give you incredible energy from fat over time.

Funny thing, currently the   Food and Drug Administration,[2]World Health Organization,[3]International College of Nutrition,[4] United States Department of Health and Human Services,[5] American Dietetic Association,[6] American Heart Association,[7] British National Health Service,[8] and Dietitians of Canada[6] all recommend diets lower in coconut oil because it is a saturated fat.  Sadly, they fail to look at the truth of the other cultures in the world who have lived forever off of diets high in saturated fat, and have been healthy because of it.

Eat fat, be healthy!  Dr. E

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