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Vaccine Workshop This Wednesday Night

This Wednesday night we will be giving you the scoop on the most controversial of all health issues, vaccinations.  So personal this topic, we have had parents who have chosen not to vaccinate, who have been called a bad parent by both pediatrician and nurse.

We have some great knowledge for you, so that regardless of what you choose, you can do so in confidence.  It is important to get that this is your issue, no matter who you are or what your station and/or position in life.  Child, young adult, new parent, parent with teens, empty nester… trust me when I say, this topic is yours.

With an epidemic of autism happening, and a significant amount of evidence that points towards toxicity as the cause, it is important to know all sources of toxins, and risks and rewards of those.  This Wednesday night we will be hosting the answers to your questions workshop!  Dr. Levi is our resident expert, with more time in studying this topic than just about anyone we have met.  He will shed light on so many of the issues that surround vaccination and vaccination decision.

This Wednesday night, at HealthSprout, at 6:45PM.  Do Not Miss It!

If you want to get a piece of what we are touching on, go to our HOME PAGE and watch the trailer to the movie posted on the site.  We look forward to seeing EVERYONE there and your friends!  This is too important to miss.  And again, it effects everyone.  With vaccines in the production line that could be mandated for all adults, this will effect you.  We thank you for taking it serious.  Be well and be knowledgeable – Dr. E

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