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Turning Irrelevant into FUN!

I have been commenting on how this Super Bowl just might be the most irrelevant Super Bowl in 21 years to the Southeast.   Meaning… we don’t see value in it because we don’t have a dog in the fight.  Of course there are some who are fans because they are transplants, or they jumped on the Patriots band wagon when they starting winning a number of years back.   But for the most part, we don’t have much reason to really pay attention to this game.


It’s amazing how important it is to cheer, to laugh, to joke, and to have fun.  Your health depends on it actually.  Stress is the NUMBER ONE killer.  The best way to combat stress, is to live in joy.  Not for joy, or with joy, but to live in it.  Where joy is literally your everyday, all day constant pursuit.  It is part of your being, and you are in it, literally in joy… this is where  your stress dies off and leaves happiness in its wake.

Which brings us back to the super bowl.  I have no love for the patriots, but honestly, I don’t have enough concern for any professional sport to actually have an outcome matter.  It won’t bring me joy or pain enough to matter.  BUT… I love watching some offense.  And it brings me joy (I was a soccer sweeper – last man back –  and a defensemen in my hockey career… so go figure), to watch a play break free.

So this game, which is currently in half time, has really been enjoyable to me.  And it struck a chord, that drove me to write this sprout, which happened when Foles (QB Eagles), pulled off the perfect touchdown play that was an exact duplicate of Brady’s (QB Patriots) failed attempt at the same play.  Add in that Foles did it on a 4th down play, and it makes it that much more special.    But there is a lot of football left, and who knows what will happen.  Honestly, it shouldn’t matter.  And it shouldn’t be that it only hurts you a little… if you are so excited for one team over the other, that you go to bed with anything less than joy, you need to find a reset button.

Stress kills.

So my real reason for writing this has nothing to do with a football game.  But it has everything to do with your life and your nervous system.  We protect and care for it with everything we have.  All of our effort is to give you nervous system health, because your brain controls everything, stress affects your brain, thus stress affects everything.

So the big point for tonight.  Do you live a life of happiness and joy?  Are you pursuing something you love in your day to day?  Are you on fire for a mission from God?  If not, then change.  Period.  Maybe not today, not right now in this moment, but the direction is so important, and as you know, time runs away so fast, that you need to begin finding that opportunity to break away from what doesn’t bring you joy, and get ready to jump into what DOES bring you joy!

I hope you enjoyed the game!

Be well and Be blessed! – Dr. E

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