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Total Food Makeover is ON!

Here are some tips for all of you first time, and lifelong Advanced Plan Dieters!  First off however, I loved our opening night on Monday, and there is still room!  Second timers with no new book – $15.  First timers, $40.  Those who just want the Paleo Recipe book – $30.  So there you go!

OK, Dr. BJ Hardick is a friend and colleague as well as a great chiropractor from my graduating class at Life.  He is one of the authors of the Max Living Nutrition Plans book, and his mother maintains this great website, check it out… GOOD FOOD .  So a few quick clarifications for those who were there, and for those who were not, this will be good information too.  I mentioned that dairy is ok, but if you have inflammatory concerns, that you should limit or eliminate it.  I think I need to restate all of this.

My family does not drink milk, we occasionally buy raw milk to drink, but otherwise we are not fans.  So even though dairy is ok, we do not use it as a staple.  I buy it to make ice cream, but again, would rather use raw milk.  The lack of homogenization and pasteurization make the milk less inflammatory, and more readily broken down in the gut.  We eat cheese (buy some raw, some not raw), butter is used regularly in my house, and I recommend it.  The CLA found in butter, especially if it is from pastured cows (grass fed), will provide an exceptional edge in cancer fighting and reduction.

CLA is also found in grass fed beef by the way, and if you were to search those three letters, you would find another daily sprout written just on that.  You can also find CLA in coconut/coconut oil.  It is an incredible fat, that brings forth a wellspring of health!  Get some in your diet please.

OK, back to the dairy.  If you are buying milk to use for a special purpose (again, don’t just drink milk, sorry if I did not make that clear), please at the very least, buy full fat (whole milk) organic.  But if you can, get the raw milk… and make the decision on your own to drink non-pasteurized milk (my disclaimer).

In addition, I spoke of the spirit of the diet, which means you should have a working knowledge of glycemic load, or glycemic index.  This website gives you a short but useful overview of glycemic index, and you can link to their DATABASE from that site as well.  Over time, as you have a better grasp of glycemic indices, you will be better equipped to make day to day choices without carrying a library around with you.

Other areas that are good to re-visit.  There are “products” out there that fit your healthy lifestyle needs.  Chewing gum for example, is awful for you.  I would prefer real sugar over aspartame, but not during a strict part of my diet, which means, I really don’t need that habit, it is only going to hurt me, unless… I buy xylitol sweetened gum, which will allow me to chew gum without cancer risk, or insulin issues (really can’t do anything about the TMJ issues that it creates though).

Sweet Cheeks is another resource, where you can find some recipes that are paleo recipes.  Find all the fruits and sugars, and remove them, and viola, you have a good meal for dinner, lunch, even breakfast.  As the makeover continues on, I will continue to help you with more of these resources.

I am drinking one of these Advanced Plan approved Root Beers right now!

Another great “product” on the market, is the pictured “Virgil’s – Zero Root Beer”.  Stevia sweetened, naturally flavored with no caffeine, root beer.  Now, I wouldn’t have this on a daily basis, simply because natural flavors has the potential to have some garbage in there, but there are no carbohydrates and no artificial sweeteners.  This baby can make you sing!

Lastly – did I tell you no alcohol?  Well, nothing with sugar or grains for the duration, but really strong red wine can be a cheat (one glass) once you are three weeks in.  Otherwise, just say no!  All in all, as you kill these normal addictions, and comforts, you will become more free in life.  It is an awesome experience to be free!

Be well, be blessed – Dr. E

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