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Total Food Makeover Coming Soon!

So we have a total food makeover coming up shortly.  For those of you who were here for the GMO talk this Wednesday, I know you were left with questions, and concerns.  That is the nature of this world right now, the answers don’t come in easy packages.  So we always recommend that EVERYONE do the Total Food Makeover, and follow the Healing Diet/Maximized Living Advanced Plan diet.

The Total Food Makeover is a series of  six workshops that come along one time per year.  This is your time, waiting another year is a BAD choice.  I honestly don’t feel that a good enough reason really exists not to do this.  As we delve into the deep understanding of eating healthy (I know many of you think you do a great job of that, while those who know my standard get that none of us do a great job – myself included), we will uncover the mystery of food choices, timing, and source.  Food source is the toughest nut to crack.

Ask someone who hasn’t spent any time on it, and they would ask “Why would i even care about organic?  I have been eating conventional my whole life!”  To which the response I would have “Well, there are two things to consider.  First, the fact that you have been eating this way your whole life might really be the reason why it is time to change.  You have no idea how many cancer cells are in you right now, in most cases you can develop up to 40 billion cancer cells before having a symptom.  And secondly, the need to yield crop has increased in this new world.  If a farmer doesn’t get the yield he needs, one season can wipe him out.  Chemically aided crops have the best chance of yield, so there are more chemicals being added to crops than there ever were before.  Ripening plants with ethylene gas increases the amount of ethylene exposure a tomato would have naturally, by up to 200 times.  We don’t know what that can do to someone over time.  In addition, the added pesticides have only increased the likelihood of toxicity over time.  Lastly, if you eat a conventional diet, you already take in too many toxins through your chemical additives.  These all compete for detoxifying enzymes in the liver.  You need to learn some more about the risks of a toxic lifestyle.”

I can remember my very first food education series.  It was the worst compared to today, but the best as of that time in my life.  I did it at Jehovah Java (a downtown Woodstock coffee shop) and it was a four week review of Rex Russel’s book, “What the Bible says about Healthy Living”.  I was basically trying to get the eight women who signed up, to stop drinking Coke.  Stop eating Pork and Shellfish (me included at that point), and to try to eat some raw veggies at least once a day.  LOL!  You would love if that was all I asked of you today!

But let me give you the real reason why I love leading a Total Food Makeover.  Because shopping is the hardest thing to overcome.  I can teach, teach, teach… and you will go into the grocery store, and have no idea what you are supposed to be looking for.  Then I take you into the grocery store, and just like that you can be a whole new person, because we actually looked at ingredients, and killed the idea of certain foods being healthy.  That sticks.  So last season, we went to Kroger and looked at their foods.  This year, I would like to arrange to go to both Kroger and Trader Joe’s… so you can see the good and bad at both.

So get yourself organized, this is the most valuable way to spend Monday night that you can come up with.  If you are committed to something else, I would ask you to start planning to get out of that commitment, or to get anyone you are committed with, to get committed to this as well.  It will improve health in these ways:

  1. Improve Hormone Function

  2. Increase Variety of Healthy Foods you eat

  3. Increase your physical performance in all activities

  4. Decrease the cancer cell load in your body

  5. Improve the circulation and decrease heart disease risk in your body

  6. Improve your sleep

  7. Increase your overall energy

  8. Improve your digestion

  9. Allow you to lose weight if needed, or gain weight if needed

  10. Make your spouse love you more

Well, I am not too sure that number ten will actually happen, but the rest are real!  I know I wrote a Daily Sprout about a month ago that had a bunch of you saying, “tough love man, tough love”.  To which I responded, “Yes, but love all the same, love all the same.”  After which many of you were ready to sign up for whatever was coming next… so this is next.  Well, Dr. Levi’s 20 minute Vaccine workshop will be in twelve days (Wednesday, September 7th at 11:45am), so this is not really next, but soon!  So sign up as soon as you can!

Check out the link to Total Food Makeover, get registered, and bring about 100 of your closest friends.  We’ll rent out all of First Baptist if we need to!  Also, parting news.  I have a new patient who has chickens roaming free, pecking away for their dinner.  We’ll be taking egg orders soon!  Be well – Dr. E

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