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Too Busy?

So I am sitting in a room in a bed and breakfast in New Orleans.  My wife is sleeping, and I am heading that direction real soon, but thought I would reach out to share my travel experience trying to get here on Saturday.  My wife and I had booked these tickets in October, so we were well planned.  12:30 departure, 1pm arrival (cool chasing the sun across one very close timezone).

So we got up very well prepared on Saturday AM, the car was mostly packed (we are heading to Orlando within hours of getting back home on Tuesday, so the car needs to be ready), we had the kids ready early, everything was a clear “go”.  So we drop the kids off with no issue on time, made great time to the airport (took the 285 to avoid the mess on 75 South), and got to the check in counter without issue… but this is when the problems started.

The check in kiosk could not get us checked in, and advised we use an agent.  When the agent said, “where are you going” and when we said “New Orleans”, he immediately shot back a sideways glance, and said “when”.  “12:30”.  “Hmmmmmm. I don’t think we have a 12:30 flight”

So this is where panic sets in, and I really don’t like the idea of stress, but we have a couple coming from Buffalo to meet us for the weekend.  Sure enough, we missed our flight, by hours!  As we sorted through the disaster of our missed flight, we figured out that Airtran had changed the flight on us… multiple times.  And it was ok that the flight changed once… I had followed that without issue, but then when more email notices came in, I should have looked.

You see, sometimes we get busy, real busy, and certain things become less than priority.  So when I was fully aware that my flight time had changed (very moderately, by a few minutes), I was fine, and really unconcerned.  So I ignored the rest of what I had assumed to be simple “reminder” emails.  Well, those reminders had very timely FLIGHT CHANGE information.  The next flight was hours later, so we ended up leaving the airport and heading to Atlantic Station where we took a movie in, then drove back to sit and wait on standby for the next flight… no good.  So we went to the next flight’s gate and waited. 

This one looked good, three seats were still available, and we were listed as #2 and #3 on standby.  I checked at the customer service desk about 40 minutes prior to flight time, and Oh No!  They were down to 1 unsold seat.  Well we were fortunate, 6 people failed to check-in, so they got us, and a whole slew of standby’s on the plane.  We missed our dinner reservation, but hooked up with our friends, and now the weekend is going great!

So, there is a significant point I want to make.  Being busy is not a bad thing, I beleive it is what helps me acheive success, and makes me a better steward of my time in so many ways.  Being too busy to open emails from the airline you are flying on, well that is not good.  And the reason is because that affects my health.  As soon as I let this situation occur, I introduced stress into my life, and that affects my health, and worse off, the stress was do to the effect on my relationship with my wife.

Many of you are similar, in that you let busy-ness affect your health.  You miss adjustments, you miss work-outs, you eat poorly and you sleep poorly.  All of these are so important, yet you probably miss them on a weekly basis, and rarely can recall exactly what was so pressing that caused you to miss them!

It is now 11:46 local time, I am going to go to sleep, and if I can force it on myself, i will not wake up until 8am.  8 lovely hours of sleep, aaaaah.  I usually target 7, but man it is nice to get that extra hour… and to share with you honestly, I do not get that hour as often as I should.   Perhaps together we can make a commitment to get more sleep this year, while still not missing workouts, diet plans or adjustments! 

See you in a week, be blessed! – Dr. E

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