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Tonight is the NIGHT!!

No matter where you are in the world while reading this, I encourage you to take a moment to clear your schedule for 7pm EST tonight (9/24), so that you can tune in to one of our Facebook pages ( )  To see the introductory class to the 60 Day Turnaround  which is what we taught before KETO existed, and though it looks similar, it is VERY different.

KETO – taking the idea of driving your body into ketosis to a point where the whole goal is burning fat.

60 Day Turnaround – breaking your addiction to sugar, while helping you find a healthy path to burning fat on an ongoing basis that will be building health.

The value of this 45 Minute INTRO is to get yourself on a path that makes sense.  One that makes sense for weight loss, for hormone healing, for immune system function… one that balances your life.

These are the keys to being on the 60 Day:

  1. Eat no sugar or anything that turns into it

  2. Eat more healthy fat

  3. Eat more vegetables than any other food by volume

Those are the basic keys… everything else falls into line from there.

The INTRO class helps you understand this, understand why this is effective, why culture is ineffective.  It is the awakening.

See you in 19 hours!

Dr. E

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