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Time to start pulling out the Vitamin D

Vitamin D has been seen in a new light over the last 5 – 10 years.  A solution for immune system improvement, for modulating its effectiveness, and providing increased ability to fight all foreign invasions.

In addition, Vitamin D has been shown in clinical trials to assist the protection of the colorectal systems by improving cell differentiation and decreasing neoplasm proliferation.  Basically, stopping cancer.

So why is it time to pull out the vitamin D?  Because in the absence of sun, you need to supplement this extremely important nutrient.  I have been counseling patients for a number of years, and almost every time I have had a patient test their Vitamin D, they are BELOW the minimum number.  Well below in many cases.  Two questions arise from this condition…

  1. What does this state expose the individual to in regards to risks whether they be related to cellular function, or immune system function.

  2. Where did this condition arise from?  What has caused this to occur?

The first question is already in discussion here?  Cancer, decreased immunity, in addition a weakened bone state.

But the second question… what do we need to be doing to protect against a low level of Vitamin D?

Less sunscreen… I know, it sounds crazy… but every time you are in the sun with sunscreen, you are NOT getting the amount of vitamin D that you need, and though I recommend caution when using sunscreen (do a search on our daily sprout’s for sunscreen to find healthier versions) because of the chemicals present in most sunscreen.

More short time in the sun… get in the sun for 15 minutes with exposed skin.  Everyday, we should be fighting for time in the sun.  The more low level time in the sun, the more you develop a resistance to sunburn, and develop higher levels of pigment and similarly Vitamin D.

Supplement.  We love our Vitamin D supplement, clean and with coconut oil to assist in utilization and absorption.  As we head into the fall (just look at the cloud cover we have had already in the last four weeks), we lose our potential to get Vitamin D from the sun.  So, get used to taking daily vitamin D.

For somebody who is deficient, I like 10,000 units a day until you can balance your levels, and for the average person who has good levels, 2-5,000 units a day will maintain.  But don’t neglect it, this is a necessary nutrient, so keep it up!

Be well and be blessed – Dr. E

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