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The truth about BIA (Bio-Impedance Analysis)

The truth about this little device, is that due to RJL Systems efforts to get an incredible algorithm written, if you can get a valid test with this machine, you can make a HUGE assumption about health and function. The problem lies in proving to you that this little test, that seemingly measures almost nothing, has the ability to give you big details… All from two measures known as resistance and reactance.  Measuring electrical charge through the body cell mass, as well as through the water of the body.

However, if you follow me for a second, you’ll better appreciate where these numbers come from, and why we should trust a good test.  10,000 subjects tested, tested in ways you don’t want to be tested, in order to get solid measures of their Phase Angle (volume of cell organelles), Body fat, muscle, and other tissue, fluid distribution (if it is in your cells as hydration, or out of them as edema, bloating and retention).  All of this comes from one momentary test, thanks to the algorithm that went before it.

So, with that, lets talk about the value of a BIA test.  Sometimes those terms, that carry very little value for the average person, can be lost as superficial health tests, with no real significance or consequence.    Yet, over the years we have had patients who have went out on a search for a diagnosis, and have found cancer their diagnosis, because of what we saw in their BIA.

We can identify chronic toxicity, and from that it can help us isolate causes of high blood pressure, as well as immune deficiency… the BIA provides a glimpse into significant areas of function, and from that, significant areas of potential change.

I am teaching a workshop tonight, Monday 10/28/18 (I’ll post the link to where it will be hosted later, and it will be hosted on facebook, on the healthsprout page).  You can come to the office at 7pm, or you can watch it online at 7pm.  But I would recommend all of you get a BIA done, or if you are on the fence, invest a few minutes listening/watching the workshop that I am doing tonight.

The Facebook Page is here : HealthSprout Facebook

Some of the fantastic things you will hear tonight:

“The solution to pollution is dilution”

“My Commitments are greater than my feelings in this moment”

“You are toxic”

Hope you’ll join us for 75 minutes of great education!

Be well and Be blessed – Dr. E

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